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  1. "Mucas" is back!

    1 roster spot left.
  2. Gettleman Knee Replacement Surgery

    Gman and Roy, RIP knees. yikes!
  3. Charlotte's own Braxton Deaver probably gets a shot

    you see people, this is what happens when you save JPEG's too much.
  4. Jno and his new team.

    I swear there were huddlers who had "moved on" the next day..... I still miss Jno.... then again I still miss Hardy as well(much MUCH more).
  5. Top 100 players No. 86 Jonathan Stewart

    when players get hit by a truck, they tend to remember who the truck is. Congrats J-stew, well deserved.
  6. look at what happened to drew brees when he went for the ball as a charger....
  7. That hat is the epitome of Riverboat Ron.
  8. exactly, but what if your wrong and our CB and DB's we have added are actually good? Dominate top 5 Defense to go along with Cam... like those odds.
  9. Guess you could make an argument for him, looking back on it the 2nd round is almost as good as the first. weird draft for certain.
  10. we almost traded our 2011 1st rounder or so Ive heard..... *shutters*
  11. 2012 was a bad year to have a bad year, good thing a faux heart condition made star fall, He is a way better player than everyone drafted before him. Funny how that works.
  12. Tryout Invitations (OP updated May 5)

    lol at this whole post.
  13. you see Im butthurt that we didnt take Alshon Jeffery, not Corey Glenn.
  14. Edmund Kugbila making a comeback

    good for him, everyone deserves a chance to compete.