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  1. luke nukem

    Mcgregor vs Khabib

    greatest showman since Ali
  2. I dont think he plays, no need to rush the rookie back with a soft tissue injury. Take the lumps and get ready for the Giants in a couple weeks.
  4. this, man has too much respect for his players to bench them in front of the media before doing it face to face.
  5. luke nukem

    Curtis Samuel

    well he's out this week it seems.
  6. Ross is like ted ginn, he keeps the D honest. I think we will be in for another shootout unfortunately.
  7. also to add, the only halftime show I remember not being total dog poo was Bruno Mars. I was expecting crappy pop and instead got some big band and swinging, it was nice. The more Instruments the better.
  8. nahh Pepsi is too damn sweet.
  9. luke nukem

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 3 (READ ME)

    would like to say my bad as well bro. good luck this week/year! <3