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  1. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    Imagine Jerry Richardson going to jail...
  2. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    oh man, so now we got our weekly controversy....
  3. Trai in concussion protocol: out Sunday

    its Silatolu according to PFT
  4. Trai in concussion protocol: out Sunday

    Officially ruled out per bleacher report :(
  5. Trai in concussion protocol: out Sunday

    I still see Alshon on the board in my nighmares.
  6. lol this guy doesn't even know how to cook a simple meal. Hard pass. Jalen Ramsey was the CB to get last year. I honestly think Bradberry is better than Apple.
  7. Which Cam Handshake Is Best?

    Tie between Norwell and Turner.
  8. Wed. news and tweets

    I don't feel confident with Colin Jones.
  9. Wed. news and tweets

    He's pissed he isn't playing enough. gotta be a pro and suck it up though.
  10. How would you feel if...

    how would you guys feel about a Cat Superb owl? I for one would be a nervous wreck cause I could see the game going exactly like SB 50.
  11. I want sammy. Hes the most affordable and has huge upside. has also stayed healthy this year.
  12. In my opinion its best to have the 5 seed facing the 4th seeded rams. while the saints are the 3 and host the seahawks. Seahawks win and face 1 seed Minny while we win and face 2 seed philly. Blair walsh rights his wrongs and we take on a foles led eagles team get the dub and BAM NFCC VS the seahawks @BOA
  13. Who made the decision?

    It actually has not costed us many games, but it has caused lots of unnecessary butt clenching.