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  1. Jersey numbers for new players

    there's no 89. that's for-sure.
  2. No compensatory picks

    I agree but at this point we should just sign a CB/S. It will cancel out the 6th but we keep the third(that third will probably be a top 90 pick).
  3. Bidding reaches 2.5 Billion, Rubin out.

    good, I dont want diddy anywhere near this team. looks like its going to tepper.
  4. Sammy Watkins Is Part Of A Cult

    yep. its the off-season..... 5 more months :/
  5. TE2 is getting worrisome

    He literally almost died on the field this season for the colts. I have no Idea how the guy was EVER cleared to play football with his spine problems. He's certainly done now though.
  6. we go as far as number 1 can take us. I still believe
  7. pac-12 Defensive backs... name me 1 who's a legit starter in the NFL?
  8. NCAA Tournament

    that Michigan game winner gave me flash backed to 2016
  9. Tidbits from my source

    man Samuel might not ever be the same.... poo sucks.
  10. this thread makes me sad now
  11. Why not go after Eric Reed for Safety?

    smart move would have been to tell Gano to fug off, cut shepard. Boom. like 5 million more in cap space and 2 other lost FA's. we would could sign matheiu and still have 2 comp picks for next year. But what the hell do I know.
  12. based Franchise Tag.