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  1. Guess you could make an argument for him, looking back on it the 2nd round is almost as good as the first. weird draft for certain.
  2. we almost traded our 2011 1st rounder or so Ive heard..... *shutters*
  3. 2012 was a bad year to have a bad year, good thing a faux heart condition made star fall, He is a way better player than everyone drafted before him. Funny how that works.
  4. you see Im butthurt that we didnt take Alshon Jeffery, not Corey Glenn.
  5. Edmund Kugbila making a comeback

    good for him, everyone deserves a chance to compete.
  6. Insert 7th Rounder here

    one away from mr irrelevant, bummer.
  7. Panthers Select Zack Sanchez CB Oklahoma in the 5th Round

    well sorry Peanut, we wont be needing you this season.

    give me KEVIN DODD, calling it now.
  9. If Eli Apple fell to 30th I would be pretty excited, he wont though.
  10. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    Im furious, there goes our Superbowl.
  11. I think Hunter Henry will be off the board, If Ogbah is there then he should be the pick but that's 50/50 tbh. I Dont know how I feel about Derick Henry considering J stew will be the feature back this year coming into camp, would much rather draft a player who will see the field more. Still trust the getty no matter what.
  12. Rotoworlds Panthers Draft Needs

    yeah we can take Blair in the 4th because he will probably be there, hate him as a 2nd, would dislike it even if it was a 3rd.
  13. Manziel, cocaine, shrooms, and a rental home

    except he doesn't have the talent, even if johnny was straight edge and dedicated his whole life to football he wouldn't be more than a 2nd or 3rd stringer, then again if he just went that route he would last because of his Heisman and would still be a god whenever he set foot on A&M's campus. oh well, now whenever I think of johnny ill think of partying hard and that one time Luke hit him so hard he just decided to quit.
  14. 2016 Panthers Schedule - Thoughts and Musings

    Really worried about the Chiefs, I think they are the team waiting for us in the SB if we make it that far. I see them giving us our first home loss in nearly 2 years.