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  1. luke nukem

    Is Shaq Thompson a bust?

    this was without a doubt the worst play of the season for me. 4th and goal only to get trucked like that? Absolutely demoralizing
  2. luke nukem

    List of Pie (reaction) choices

    no one better change this
  3. luke nukem

    $20 wins you $600

    lol the giants are unironically favored better than us.
  4. good for him, I personally thought his days of making serious dough were over. Lets see Connor McGregor vs Greg Hardy battle of the scumbags.
  5. luke nukem

    Jimmy Clausen is still trash

    the only beef I have with Clausen is that he didn't give up the number 2 to Cam when he came in. 2 is my lucky number! I was so hype after we drafted cam to get a number 2 Newton Jersey. Maybe one day cam will pull a Kobe.
  6. luke nukem

    Jimmy Clausen is still trash

    I made it about 3 plays, thats all I can do.
  7. luke nukem

    Steve Smith....lets put this to a end

    both have 4 superbowls between them. Cam is the most bad ass person this franchise has ever seen. I think 89 should be in the hall with his name in the ring of honor and jersey retired. Gotta save the statue for whoever brings home the Lombardi
  8. luke nukem

    Does Cam have to be Lebron in 2018

    we will go as far as number 1 takes us. that is the nature of the beast in the NFL, QB's are everything.
  9. luke nukem

    A bounce back year for him?????

    well.... at least he wont have to play nickle.
  10. luke nukem

    Beaston comes home

    crazy to think that he and Olsen were teammates at Miami. Even crazier that he was also teammates with Frank Gore who is still running strong.
  11. it seems the poor guy is battling psychosis. I hope he gets the help he needs. 11 years in the NFL should net you a good chunk of change. I have a feeling the GM's of the league will do the right thing and not offer him a contract. Its time to Go onto Greener pastures.
  12. best idea in the thread if I do say so myself.
  13. luke nukem

    Thank you Big Cat!

    me too, feels good getting all that hate out though doesn't it? He can no longer harm anyone or anything, rejoice!