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  1. you have to realize the shoulder surgeries the two guys had were completely different. I mean Luck had his surgery in January. His was a total labrum repair, much much much worse than what cam had to deal with.
  2. Cant watch it and wont watch it until they make it back.
  3. Im ready for Ryan to come back. 5 fuging weeks is long enough, either play or go on IR.
  4. Im sorry but Worley just looks too small out there. his ceiling is captain munnerlyn tbh.
  5. Cam Newton now ranked 4th all time.

    Gunna be a close race when it comes to chasing vick but I think he will get there.
  6. Sunday Games Thread

    idk man the NFC is wide open right now. prolly about 8 teams outta 16 could win it.
  7. Sunday Games Thread

    omg NO was up 45 to 10 guys.....
  8. Wilks on Luke's condition

    Newton is the one we need to be worried about. His shoulder got fuged up last night, Im still convinced he messed something up in it.
  9. This, He re-injured the shoulder on that play, and I appreciate the effort but god damn that is the dumb poo he does that gets him killed. just go outta bounds and we are at first and goal from the 1. if we cant score in 4 tries from there then we Dont deserve to win anyways. I hope cam is OK but my gut is telling me that he might not be.
  10. I fear that I might be shaking my head at colin jones at some point tonight :/
  11. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    Jarius Byrd will be tested a lot tonight down the field. He gets a game ball if the eagles don't complete a pass over 30 yards.
  12. What Eagles Fans Are Saying...

    I love EDP. If the panthers win tomorrow be sure to tune into his meltdown video.