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  1. luke nukem

    Hiding Profile Pics

  2. your local CBS or fox affiliate, assuming you live in the Carolina's.
  3. of course bud, you do realize Brady threw for 500 yards on a defense that was statistically better than ours, we probably would have had to score on every single possession if we wanted a chance. Also that game in foxboro was with KB, healthy Funchess, Byrd(broke his arm that day) and Samuel. In the superbowl we would have had 1 arm Funchess, Bersin and Clay. I also hate to think of what BB would have though up on the defensive side with two weeks of prep and actual game film from earlier that season.
  4. the legendary david foucault, I think he actually started a game back in 2014 when the line was probably in the worst shape its ever been in.
  5. also they broke down the week before as well and winston threw a bomb dime to win. Such a wild week 17. we got fuged in terms of seeding.
  6. not gonna lie that playoff game really hurt last year, so many what if moments. Just take solice in knowing that if we had made it to the SB that Brady would have dumped all over us.
  7. I just dont think star loves football that much. He would be here now if we offered him that absurd contract that buffalo did.
  8. luke nukem

    Larsen extended - $4.4 mil / 2 years

    love stories like this, congrats Tyler, if you manage this money correctly you and even your kids wont ever have to worry about bills for the rest of their lives.
  9. luke nukem

    Official Sunday Training Camp Thread

    yeah in the playoffs with the game on the line..... come on funch!!
  10. luke nukem

    Deangelo Williams piles on

    Its almost like he understands that this organization helped him become a Multi-millionaire by age 25. Always got love for CJ, would love to see him in our ring of honor one day.
  11. funny, he deleted that tweet already.
  12. and from this day forward the KB in KB fan no longer stands for Kelvin Benjamin, RIP sweet meme 2014-2018
  13. they take L's. Detriot comes to mind, they will swear up and down that Stafford is better than Newton but when it comes to play ball the rest of the team has to show up and surprise surprise, they are garbage
  14. people forget about this. Lost all the respect I had for KB today, kinda sad.