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  1. Someone heard Florio this morning I agree though.
  2. Who's going tonight?

    I'll be there in 517.
  3. Fire Shula Banner.....the reason why

    What did people think was going to happen? Imagine this scenario: Sunday, November 5th - Bank of America Stadium, 12:53 - 2nd Quarter - Per usual, to get the crowd pumped up, the stadium cameras pan in on JR sitting in his box. - JR, who usually has a cold, heartless mask on, is sitting there with a shocked look on his face staring up into the sky. He's even pointing with his left hand. - Immediately following the game, the news breaks that Shula has been fired. - JR actually decides to answer questions following the breaking news. When asked why it happened, he proceeds to draw a square on a piece of paper. He holds it up and simply says, "I saw the banner..." - Mission accomplished. Now watch this drive.
  4. So only 4 WRs on the roster..

    lol I'm pretty sure you're joking, but i thought I remembered seeing a notification the other day along the lines of, "Teams have been asking Detroit about Calvin's retirement clause" or something like that.
  5. Certainly not when they have a winning record smh
  6. Discuss.....

    Julio's really messing with my fantasy numbers.
  7. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Hey hey now. Let's stop wishing the dude's hurt. We're not Philly fans.
  8. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    What an absolute terrible start to the second half.
  9. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    He's honestly not that bad. I'd rather have a guy explaining to me things that I may not see instead of a commentators just telling me that so and so is lined up outside
  10. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Goodness, Stew is getting stuffed hard.
  11. Oh, and cam Newton's food truck will be there tomorrow.
  12. Won't be able to make it tomorrow but here's some info for Roaring Riot. https://roaringriot.com/pages/tailgate-with-a-purpose I'm pretty sure they get things going at 5 PM.