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  1. The Roaring Riot tailgate

    I always Uber to the tailgate. Like someone said, the train leaves you with a bit of a walk. I'll be there.
  2. ATX fan flying in for home opener!!

    I'd avoid epicenter if you're older then, idk, 25? Definitely come to the roaring riot tailgate.
  3. PEP Boys and The Huddle don't get along...

    I sat in PEP Boys for 2 hours and 45 minutes while my car was getting new tires bolted on and this was how they treated me: It sucked.
  4. 97% sure Ron is a total idiot

    Wasn't it only one play that he sat out? Trying to make something out of nothing.
  5. RIP Huddle

    Any volunteers to head down there and keep it running?
  6. Practice Squad Thread

    No one knows how PS eligibility works lol
  7. Practice Squad Thread

  8. Practice Squad Thread

  9. Practice Squad Thread

    I thought someone said he wasn't eligible? I'm not sure if that's true or how that works though.
  10. Practice Squad Thread

    Just a little information that doesn't require a thread:
  11. Practice Squad Thread

    Clausell is 6'7", 315 pounds. We have to have one of the tallest teams in the league.
  12. Practice Squad Thread

    Saca beat me by less than 10 seconds.
  13. Panthers Claim DB (S) Demetrious Cox

    Also, avoided jail time earlier this year. Not that I care, but I know the organization as a whole is not big on people getting in trouble with the law. http://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/michigan-state/spartans/2017/01/12/demetrious-cox-assault-case/96512286/
  14. Waiver Wire possibilities

    Yep, wasn't sure what thread to put this in:
  15. Kaelin Clay Traded to Bills

    I don't know if I should pie you or not...