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  1. I feel like we need a master Tepper thread
  2. Arroz con Panther

    To smuggle alcohol, that is the question

    lol this is turning into more than I expected. For what it's worth, we're not smuggling alcohol and it was never about if we could afford to pay it. I mean, if anything smuggling some alcohol would have saved us $100-200 dollars, nothing too great. Our bill at the end is still going to be more than we want and we'll end up paying it because we can. People try to get alcohol on board to avoid the price gouging that cruise lines adhere to. I know we signed up for it, but that doesn't mean we can't try to save a couple hundred bucks. Calling it trashy and classless is a little lost on me, but whatever. As for those who mentioned the drink plan, I already posted my counterpoints to that.
  3. Arroz con Panther

    IGO can you add the tickets for sale section back

    I'm pretty sure they removed it because they were having bots/spammers posting there and it wasn't worth the hassle of moderating.
  4. Arroz con Panther

    Tepper officially the owner?

    It is sort of funny though that out of all of the news sources OP decided to go to Wikipedia for this lol
  5. Arroz con Panther

    Tepper officially the owner?

    Just received a notification that it will happen today for $2.2 billion in cash. Can you imagine having $2.2 billion in cash lol Since it's in cash, I wonder if there will be minority owners?
  6. To be completely honest, we care too much about the log at mid-field. Why not keep it blank? You think there's some people who are sitting in the stadium asking the question, "Who are we watching again?"
  7. lol yea...this article is also just speculating like everyone else. "People close to him say he's out, but signs point to Tepper winning the bid. He has money. Also, it could be coming to an end soon." Wow, no poo!
  8. Arroz con Panther

    Five Panthers Have Signed Their Rookie Contracts

    Yea, that rang a bell so I looked it up. It was Joey Bosa in 2016. https://www.sbnation.com/2016/8/8/12402198/joey-bosa-contract-holdout-san-diego-chargers-why
  9. Arroz con Panther

    Five Panthers Have Signed Their Rookie Contracts

    This is just a guess, but I can imagine that rookies who haven't signed yet are still getting their financials in order aka they have multiple financial groups wanting their business and the rookie hasn't decided who they're going with yet.
  10. Smoke screens, baby!
  11. I couldn't understand a damn thing that Joe was saying. Sounded like he had a towel between his mouth and his phone.
  12. Arroz con Panther

    Biggest cry baby on the huddle

    @Panthro Ban incoming...
  13. Arroz con Panther

    To smuggle alcohol, that is the question

    It's not my bachelor party, but I'm in the wedding. We planned the entire thing without the groom and, honestly, I had never heard of a bachelor party on a cruise either. We thought about your typical locations, but we knew most of his friends would balk at the prices; some of them just wanted to go to Myrtle Beach....I shot down that idea. Someone mentioned a cruise and, thinking about the craziness that happened on my last cruise, I thought it made perfect sense. I'm in a list mood today, so here's the reasons. 1) The total cost for the cruise was just over $500 for a 4 day cruise. A flight out to Vegas or anywhere else is $400. 2) Going to your typical destinations, you also have to worry about food, hotel, clubs, etc. A cruise has all of that included + a casino and free shows. We also don't have to worry about Ubers or driving anywhere on a cruise. Obviously, we'll be missing one thing (strippers), but there's hope that we'll find someone on board The total cost of all of that would have exceeded what people wanted to spend. 3) There are 9 of us going. Out of the 9, 5 have never been on a cruise before, including the groom and his father. Furthermore, the groom and his father have never been out of the country. Killing three birds with one stone (travel outside the US, cruise, and bachelor party). Those are the main reasons. My wife is planning the bachelorette party in Austin for the bride and they'll be going the same time that we embark on the cruise. They have 20 or something ladies going and my wife is so mad that she didn't think about a cruise. She's jealous because of how easy it was for me to plan. She's been collecting money, booking AirBnBs, planning flights, and planning where they'll be eating dinner ever night for the past two months. I haven't had to worry about any of that.
  14. Arroz con Panther

    To smuggle alcohol, that is the question

    Here's the details on the Cheers! package on Carnival. It does look like the program includes a "25 percent discount on bottles of wine and Champagne, select water bottles, beverage classes and seminars, and cocktails, spirits or wines by the glass that cost more than $50." I still think you're only limited to 15 drinks, but I don't know how a bottle of wine adds towards that total.
  15. Arroz con Panther

    To smuggle alcohol, that is the question

    Oh, I had a dream last night about going through cruise security. They caught everything I had in my luggage. For some reason, I had a toy gun (equipped with the orange cap and all.) They saw the pint bottles of rum in my shoes (they even sniffed the shoes and told me they smelled bad). And for some reason, I was the only one going through security. They were sort of in disbelief of how bad I had been at trying to hide things. I woke up when they let me through, but the last words they said were, "Ready for the worst part?" I think I should take that as a sign haha