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  1. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Today I learned there is a town called Weddington and I live only 25 minutes from it.
  2. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I literally turned to my buddy and said, "Well, I hope they're replanting what they cut down because I have not seen one tree on that island yet."
  3. Never gets old....

    Sounds like someone is preparing to jump ship :)
  4. It's better then any of the PU threads we used to have to deal with last year...I'll give you that.
  5. Pretty sure that means any NFL related topics, not just Panthers. If we were allowed to post anything we wanted, we'd see topics about the NBA, MLB, video games, etc.
  6. credit card problem

    My card was declined in Atlantic City while I was there for my cousin's bachelor party. I had been traveling for work that week, so in a few days I had gone from NC to Virginia to Philly and then to NJ. I called the bank and had to answer some ridiculously hard questions after I had been drinking. I passed the test, but I wish I hadn't; I didn't need more money to gamble away. I'm glad my bank took action, but I always call them when I'm about to travel now.
  7. Let's play iSpy: Hacky sack Yo-yo Nerf gun Disc golf disc Panther Flag Dwayne Johnson Green Man Vault Boy A trophy representing a toilet from a chili cook-off
  8. What happened to Netflix?

    One word: competition. They controlled the market when they first came out, but now there's Hulu and Amazon Prime plus other networks with streaming services such as HBO and Starz. Then you have the problem that I'm running into now. I've watched everything I was interested in. Now that other services exist, they're trying to change things up again by creating Netflix originals. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing and they have created some good original shows, I think they are over doing it. I wonder how much going in this new direction has hurt them in terms of what Arsen is asking?
  9. Got a relationship question...

    Man, there's nothing wrong with sharing your experiences. People make threads about buying PSLs all the time, so why shouldn't you be able to make a thread when you get a new car or get to go to the Super Bowl? It's just little things that you sometimes add inside those posts. We believe you (well, most of us do), so it's not always necessary to prove it (even though you may not be doing it intentionally). By the way, I'm not "offended" by your posts. I dug in during the last post because I know how 15 likes to argue :)
  10. Got a relationship question...

    It has nothing to do with my financial situation, dude. I'm fine. All I was trying to say is that it wasn't necessary to post those pictures and it's not the first time he's done it. I mean, I may understand the car, but why post a picture of your black card? What purpose does that gain besides showing people that you have one? Literally every other post in this thread was, "I purchased her a condo", "I gave her a credit card linked to my bank account", "I paid for this trip", "I got her the most expensive purses", "we're going on this trip", "I bought her a car". Like what? That's not excessive to you? How is that not bragging? Props to him for being able to travel the world, go to the super bowl and be financially stable for the rest of his life, but we don't need to hear about it every single post. We all know he has just gets annoying when most of the posts are telling us that. Again, that's not me being insecure, it's just annoying. I have nothing but love for any Panther fan, but there are plenty of other people on this board who have money and they don't post like this.
  11. Got a relationship question...

    I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, but let's look back at the posts in which he posted his black card and his car. In one post, he wrote this: And then posted a picture of his car. And then, he had this post: Followed by a rap song and then a picture of his black card. None of those pictures were necessary. We got the gist of what was going on through his writing. He has money, good for him. He's allowed to live the lifestyle he wants, but I do feel as if posting the pictures is him saying, "yep, look at what I have and you guys don't." It'd be a different story if someone told him to prove it or this was a thread dealing with cars or what cards you have, but it's not. It's just bragging and no one here is jealous.
  12. Got a relationship question...

    I understand you want this area to be between you and their mother and I respect that, but at some point the woman your dating will have a role in their lives whether you want it or not. Just something to think about.
  13. Got a relationship question...

    I'm trying to figure out why every post by you has to do with wealth and elaborate trips. Congratulations, you make and have more money then I ever will, but I'm 27, married and own my own house, cars, and I can afford to go out and do things on weekends. Money isn't everything and I think you need to realize that. You will be so much happier when you find a girl who loves you for you. I know it's hard to "hide" that money, but you don't need to be getting them condos and credit cards right from the get go. That's just silly. Last point I'm going to make. From past pictures you've posted, I'm pretty sure you have some young kids. If that's true then it's a shame they haven't been mentioned once in this thread. I can probably guess that this women has never met them, has had nothing to do with them, and will never want anything to do with them. That right there is enough reason to let her go and quickly.
  14. Cam gives Stedman (Oprah's Boyfriend) a pair of his shoes.

    I mean, it's a cool story but I think the desperation move would be going to the store and buying a pair.