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  1. I'd throw another $2500 in on it
  2. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    This would be the year that we could take Henrys in the first two rounds and there still be plenty of DE's available after
  3. Patrick Peterson throws a haymaker at Josh Norman

    Ask him how last yearsNFC Championship game went again...
  4. NFC RB's Coach - "can't envision Derrick Henry going in 1st round"

    If he doesn't go in the first there is almost no chance that he is still on the board for us in the 2nd
  5. The Official Final Four Thread (Nova vs OU, UNC vs Cuse)

    I'm glad the basketball season is over. Another day closer to football getting here
  6. Official NFL Free Agency Thread

    Mr Weddle come on down! He would be a nice pickup for the Panthers
  7. josh doctson

    I don't see it happening but I'd like to see Doctson fall to our selection at #30
  8. Cj says something brewing

    Glad he's back at such at great deal vs overpaying to bring in another lineman in FA
  9. I would be disappointed with Henry being the selection in the first round. I feel that the RB position is one that can be filled by others mean such as FA rather than a first round pick
  10. Important Carolina Panthers Offseason Dates and Events

    The FA period will be here before you know it and we can select a few key puzzle pieces
  11. Prepare the feels

    I felt so bad for TD when he couldn't wrap up and make tackles in the SB. I can't wait for him to get healthy!
  12. Bersin's Contract status?

    Replace him with Bolden
  13. Boldin is a free agent

    I think he'd be a nice pickup for the final year or twoof his career
  14. You took what I was going to say exactly!!
  15. 2015 NFL Awards CAM is MVP! It's official

    I wonder if Green will go in as a Steeler or Panther...