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  1. I was expecting footage of him getting burnt or being out of position, but instead I get clips of deflections. I'll take that all day long!
  2. You pointed out some negatives, which most receivers have coming out of college. Now to the positives that I saw: He broke the first tackle about 50% of the time. He has great hands, body built for an NFL season, and fluid running. He had a curl route where he gained accurate position but the ball was poorly thrown. He had an up and out where he beat what looked like double zone coverage for a completion but was another poorly thrown ball. The QB from Maryland is average and couldn't make many throws outside out slants and screens, the timing throws were off. I wonder how much of the play calling was held back more because of the QB rather than any of the WRs?
  3. The good news, the way you are questioning what we are going to do, defenses will be doing the same with absolutely no tape to help them prepare.
  4. MtnProwler

    The NFLPA continues to stir the pot

    Interesting, it also stated... "Players are encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem," the NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said last year after 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's protests gained attention." I can understand why there's become so much confusion on this, in that one article alone the NFL appears to be flippant. For some it has become, pick from the article(s) that support your views and ignore, or not mention, what doesn't. Then continue to degrade those that oppose you, with often lame rebuttals just for the sake arguing and being right. Is it better to leave the conversation being right or being understood? We shouldn't be surprised when education doesn't teach reality, most of the news doesn't accurately reflect reality, and people naturally tend to stay in their comfort zone which is often outside the reality of millions of others. I understand, it's hard to watch grown adults with voting power be out of touch with reality, but I've come to peace that we've already identified the major problem, systemic. It's rarely the individual's, that are non-corporate, fault as most genuinely care about the betterment of all communities, at least in the cases I've personally encountered. Maybe I just uncovered another blind spot within my own life. However, my point being, this has been my experiences in my life, that I have to live with and not anyone else's. That's powerful. I'm not sure if it's just around my support group, but so many of us have decided to stand because we've thought of this time to be reserved to show respect for those in the military that we do admire, many of them family and former teammates. As I reflect, I spend most of my time mentoring, trying to improve my community, and fighting barriers; showing my respect for only that maximum of 3 minutes per week is not indicative of how much I truely admire my brethren overseas, and those that I've lost. I respect and understand if you choose not to stand, I do appreciate those that extend the same courtesy when I choose to stand. I'll leave it with that. Thanks for everyone's great insights throughout this thread (minus a couple out of this world responses). One.
  5. MtnProwler

    The NFLPA continues to stir the pot

    Really, then why this?...
  6. MtnProwler

    The NFLPA continues to stir the pot

    Good god. And you are free of bad ideologies, I see.
  7. MtnProwler

    The NFLPA continues to stir the pot

    Does anyone have proof to substantiate the claims of this article, that the league confirmed in 2016 and reiterated in 2017? Some article that claims hearsay, he said she said, doesn't work. Because if we have this proof and teams went on to ask about it then they probably have a case. Regardless of anyone's feelings on the topic.
  8. MtnProwler

    Where is your confidence level?

    Bringing this one back from the dead. Confidence is way up after the Anderson signing. Offense: Now has the tools to play with anyone. I realize we still have concerns at OL but we've made some good moves to create competition, to put the best available player in the right positions. Rushing should be top 5 in the league with Cam, CMC, Anderson, and CAP. Passing should be top 15 due to additions of Moore and Smith, a healthy Olsen, and most importantly the help of the rushing game. I still have a concern for a QB#2. Deffense: gets back into the top 5 due to increase offensive efficiency, better CB play, and Poe. The biggest concern remains at Safety, we brought in the Coleman replacement and drafted one that needs time to be ready, that doesn't leave much for depth, competition, and improvement this year. I hope we sign another Safety for this reason, doesn't even need to be a big name just one for competition and depth. FA: A (add a S and a QB#2 and this gets to A+) Draft: B (I've upgraded the grade due to the signing of Anderson, as if this happened to be the plan all along.) Overall: A-, I would happily give it an A+ if we can bring in another S/QB#2. Thus far, I'm expecting a 10+ win and an NFCS Championship type of season. So much health and cohesiveness has to play out for me to expect any higher.
  9. This is 247 Sports churning the story. They didn't include anything new from the previous news article from a few weeks ago.
  10. Before the last thread was locked I gave you examples/cases where the first amendment was upheld only on a personal basis or if you were a government employee. If you are acting on behalf of your business (on the clock, in uniform, under contract, or at a business function) then the courts have continued to rule in favor of the business, limiting the rights of the first amendment on the individual level in those circumstances. Business have rights as well. Now either you didn't read my reponses or you choose not to accept it since previous cases is what you're requesting from other posters and those were in that thread. At this point you have an agenda and there's no dialogue for discussions, especially by a response of "just shut up" and dribble that you continue to give.
  11. I'm just ready to ball.
  12. I get what you're saying. But why not have both zone and man packages, at least more of a balance. I think we didn't in the past as much because of our stubborn coordinators and/or our personnel. Every other sport changes defenses based on match ups why not us? It will also keep offenses more unaware to our typical defensive tendencies.
  13. I agree with you for the most part. I don't mind Searcy starting as long as it's deserved through good competition, not by default because we didn't have anyone else above a caliber S#3 competing. At this point I'm not so sure we don't have the latter from what Hurney is saying.
  14. The thing is Moore's presence with solid production somewhere at 700+ yards will do wonders to our offense.
  15. There was an interview that I posted on here about Boston and some others safeties that were looking for $4-6m/year. We signed Searcy for $2.5m so that tells me the two sides were too far off to work something out. If he, or some of the others , drop from $5m to $1.5m while missing the opportunity to get Searcy's contract, that would be just about deadening to these guys. But that may be exactly where this market is heading. Look at what the Steelers just did with their vet Safety and two rookies.