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  1. I've been thinking about this more. Greg deserves to have a voice, he's such big part of our success, past and present. We would also like to give ourselves the biggest chance to win this year specifically with Ryan, Peppers, Davis, and Adams retiring. (That's why I don't care about 3rd round comp picks.) Both parties can make this a win-win. Package a restructure with an extension, free up some cash this year to get a good S in FA, or maybe even Ayers for DE. And/or, this would give us the opportunity to extend D. Williams and Funchess. Next year, with all those retires we're better off absorbing his higher contract. This would also help us get to a true BPA for the draft this year.
  2. An employee goes out looking for new opportunities and comes back questioning your commitment to them?! At the best this is a well played negotiation or at worst an arrogant move. As mentioned, if he says he can play at a high level for another 3-5 years I have no problem paying for that. High incentive low garantee contract coming up.
  3. D-Worley

    This should be our best underrated move of the offseason, that was previously held by the re-signing of Peppers.
  4. But what about Shepard, aren't we paying him $3.5million to be our 8th receiving option?
  5. I think I understand your confusion. You can't just read the Bill of Rights and be done. It's not the end all document that you think it is. You do know what Congress does right? They establish laws and acts that give direction on the Bill of Rights. They give instruction on the rights written in the BOR when it's deemed necessary for the best interest in public policy and security, based on tested cases. One can't simply stop at reading the BOR but needs to see what acts and laws that Congress has passed since then to understand what's lawful and what's not. When you research this, you'll find the private sector industries have been given great control in regards to what their employees can and can't do so long that it doesn't violate anti-discrimination, employment, whistleblower, or local laws. It's pretty interesting to read and understand. Even then, one could argue that for the same reason one has a right to kneel another has a right to disagree on that action, as Ray Lewis did in my previous post, when it's done within legal bounds of the law. It's important to note, disagreeing on the action doesn't mean you disagree on the purpose. Based on your posts I know this isn't what you wanted to hear but hopefully it helps.
  6. There's so much wrong with your polarizing posts. I'm not going to assume anyone's intention based only on their religion, race, or class, as you've decided to do. There is a difference in belief/view and action. You're right, your racists views are protected but taking racist action is not in almost all cases. Action will always be debated according to public policy and opinion. Again, I agree with Ray Lewis in this article, I believe and support the cause just not that specific strategic move. From your post, I already know that you aren't going to be very accepting of any one else's views but your own. But I thought I'd put this out there for others' sake. It doesn't make Ray or I to be those things that you are trying to paint us to be with your posts in this thread. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/ray-lewis-ravens-refused-to-sign-colin-kaepernick-because-of-girlfriends-tweet/ I apologize to others, I can't believe I was baited back in to this.
  7. Where is your confidence level?

    Great question. If you've ever studied personalities or emotional intelligence, you'll know some people are loyal skeptics. As long as you lead a post with subjective opinions you'll always have those that will take a negative perspective, this one will be no different. It's only fair that I compare my confidence to this same point in time last year. Last year: I remember being more confident with the signings of Peppers, Khalil, and Captain. We also had plans for WR#1-2, CB#1-2, RB#1-2, and our front 7 on D was in place. (Despite some of my own fallacies in those plans, I didn't know it at the time) This year: I really like Norv, our front seven may be even better, our WR are faster, and we've purged our non performing positions. However, we replaced CB, RB, S, DE#2 with players that are either unproven or haven't had long term success. For that I'm slighlty down. The good news, we had an 11 game winning season with those positions underperforming, if they pan out to be improvements then we're even better. To get my confidence higher than this point last year? Sign another proven vet to TE, DE, or S and hope for success on 2 of our first for picks.
  8. How many FA signings after the draft?

    ...comparing the same time frame but transactions just before the draft, within a couple of weeks: Gettleman: hasn't made any notable signings except for Tillman in 2015. Hurney: nothin worth noting. Set your expectations accordingly. Going to be another long two weeks.
  9. How many FA signings after the draft?

    I just did some research that some may find interesting on transactions that typically happen after the draft. All GMs have a flurry of signings of FA/Undrafted right after the draft to fill out the bottoms of the roster and practice squads, no surprise there. You'll normally see extensions happen in July and August, again no surprise. But, I compared the last three years of Gettleman and Hurney with their after draft transactions: Gettleman 17: Waived Boston, signed Cole Luke and Van Roten. Gettleman 16: Released Boykin Gettleman 15: not really any worth mentioning Hurney 12: not really any worth mentioning Hurney 11: Traded for Olsen, UFAs re-signed RB Williams and DE Johnson, and signed FA QB Anderson. Hurney 10: not really any worth mentioning Conclusion: We are all justified in saying what happens in the draft is pretty much it, almost all notable signings come before the draft. However, if you are looking for a speckle of hope Hurney is slighlty more likely to make a move than Gettleman. Now I'm curious to compare if there are notable signings just before the draft? Check back here in a few...
  10. Curious if anyone knew how many FA signings we had after the draft last year? Who they were? What about two years ago? So many of us put a lot into the draft picks, as we should, but the draft rarely fills all our needs. Some of us think we should draft specifically a S, TE, WR, CB, OL with or first two picks 'or we're doomed' and might as well start talking about 2019. With that, I'm interested in knowing what we've typically done after the draft, if much of anything?
  11. ...and most years I would agree with you but considering our upcoming retirees I'd rather put a strong team together this year. It's as if other teams are putting some good players together to win games but we don't in order to win comp picks? Come on. That's not going to fly with me this year.
  12. No we don't. We are -2 in UFA signings for the year, no future comp picks should be in jeopardy for a $3m contract at this point. Also, I'm told May 8 is the start date when we can sign UFA without any UFA impacting comp picks regardless of number of contracts or amount. No reason why we couldn't sign them after that date. But I could be wrong with all of this. Where did you get your info from?
  13. This, and sign: Reid, Mitchell, Boston, Branch, Vaccaro, or Parker at around $3million and fill depth at TE/QB/OL with the rest of the picks.
  14. I don't disagree. (I'm running out of ways to say it) Just stating the facts in my previous post.