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  1. Your feels... prepare to be hit

    Really hate that his career ended up going the way it did.  A quality name to add to our linebacking greats.  I'm picturing myself at 95 telling my greatgrandkids the untold story of Jon Beason, the little-known LB that ignited Luke Kuechly's career.
  2. Our biggest weakness came back to haunt us

    Gentleman wasn't the problem tonight. Hell, Shula even called a good game considering Denver's defense is filthy. Players didn't execute. Cotchery drops. Ginn drops. Tre Boston. Oher penalties. Mike fuging Remmers allowing to sack fumbled against the goal line. Can't win a football game that way. Cotchery in particular...if he catches just two of this passes, it's a different game. 
  3. Post Super Bowl thoughts

    Oh yeah, Dehaven needs to be fired and shipped off to North Korea. 
  4. Post Super Bowl thoughts

    Remmers gone CJ gone sucks for TD and JA Cam is a straight up pussy for not diving on that ball. What a fuging chump. 
  5. Post Your Super Bowl Day Experience Up in Pictures

    About to head out to the QC Riot party in about 30.  I'm so amped right now.  Need to keep my emotions in check or the game will never get here.
  6. Cam Fugin Newton.. Who is this guy?!!

    Damn! Beat me to it.  I was coming to post this.  lol.  My photo stream didn't upload to my computer fast enough.
  7. already legendary in my book
  8. Let's get him a Ring while we're at it

    This team could generate months of news content and storylines. Very memorable roster. 
  9. From April 29, 2011 to Super Bowl 50

    Gonna have to retire it on Monday. 
  10. DOUG Stewart goes off about Rodney Harrison

    I just don't understand how Cam is vilified like he is because of dancing and making the wrong impression on kids, when there are people like this who actually advocate a dangerous NFL culture. Like, WTF? How can that be? People just want to hate Cam.  Period. 
  11. TD goes after Rodney Harrison

    Rah is the definition of classless, yet people want to talk about Cam wearing a knit beanie to a press conference. 
  12. PSA: NFL Shop has Newton SB50 GAME Jerseys

    Really debating buying one so I can get the real patch for when my TD jersey comes in. EBay patches suck, but they're also only $7 (not $120)
  13. I wish I could go to SB50 for free, too

    We pay her a salary, for her then to bank, and pay those bills.  Same should be done for this. Sure, we pay those things indirectly, but it takes from her personal bottom line when she has to subtract it from her bank account; here, she's getting everything completely free AND no tax burden, to boot.  The fact that she voted against the stadium funding (and started those awful cheers) really bothers me. Maybe that's what it comes down to. 
  14. Random: His son just signed a LOI to play Soccer at DePaul.