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  1. One small but significant thing I noticed last night

    My 85 year old grandma jumped up and screamed at the TV when that happened.  She remarked that if Luke was mad, then she could be mad....
  2. Colin Jones in the slot...

    Well hopefully Peanut will be back before too long, and we don't even have to worry about this.  But honestly, I doubt Shaq could do much better on guys like Cole Beasley and [gasp] Amendola/Edelman(?).     Anyone else noticed that we ran our base 4-3 last night about as much as any time this season?  Teams LOVE going 3/4 wide on us, forcing us to drop a LB and play a CB.  I honestly can't remember a time where we had to get out of our base 4-3 as much as this year.  But this game we were able to keep Shaq or AJ on the field a lot.
  3. Phil Sims All-Iron Awards

    I know kickers don't get love, but for such a stupid "award," I think Graham should have been at the table.  If sports are about beating the other team by having more points than them, then Gano contributed more to the win than anyone up there.
  4. CAM not CAM today in the 1st half

    offense on that struggle....cam on that struggle face...but i disagree he had a scowl after going over to luke.  he was pretty damn happy there.
  5. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    What's the Cowboys' depth chart looking like for the game?  I haven't found an update.
  6. Skip Bayless

    well we got a clean sweep from the Fox crew . . . Bradshaw and JJ, included.
  7. lol.  the hype for this game is at an all time high [in my head, at least] b/c i got absolutely pumped watching that . . . . . 
  8. Who else feels like this?

    lol  yep that about sums it up.  i have internalize it around the family today, though.  it's good for me, i guess.  have to act like an adult for once.
  9. If Norman shuts down Dez....

    It will definitely be a test of Norman's physicality.  He has already proven he can handle the Browns and Hopkins of the league, but what Dez [and to a lesser extent, Julio] brings is a power game that Norman's jury is still out on.  Should be a great game!
  10. Good Analysis of Our Run D

    Happy Turkey Day 2015, folks.  I was browsing around this AM for stuff to read on the Panthers, and just as I came to the end of the Internet, I found this little gem: http://nflbreakdowns.com/kuechly-panthers-redskins-rushing/ This breakdown is Redskins-centered, so it analyzes more of what they did wrong and less what we did right.  Quality reading nonetheless leading up to the 4:30 showdown.  It's deserving of some clicks.  Of note, their longest run play of the game came when Luke and TD were out [Shaq and AJ in], and Shaq goes rogue on the play.  
  11. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

  12. Cam Mic'd Up and All it's Hilarious Glory

    lol dude you have no clue what you're talking about.  the guy on the video--whatever his name is--has been vehemently opposed to cam throughout the years.  that's who i was referring to.  don't you have some bitching about the saints to get to?
  13. Cam Mic'd Up and All it's Hilarious Glory

    You guys are feisty this AM. 
  14. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    Awfully cocky for a group that has only beat the Texans, Giants, and Eagles. 
  15. Cam Mic'd Up and All it's Hilarious Glory

    Great video.  Definitely worth watching.  But "funniest thing I've ever seen".....Cam nut huggers are now out in full force.