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  1. Great piece on Mario Addison

    hahahahahahaha. He just jogs right on by.
  2. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    Wouldn't it be some poo if we brought him in as a camp body and cut him later...guarantee you his agent is going to ask for protections against that given the Boykin situation. In just a few short years, the Panthers have gone from giving big contracts to old vets and using UDFAs as camp meat. Now, with the Gettfather at the helm, we are bringing in vets as camp meat and giving UDFA signing bonuses. That's the difference in our team's success in a nutshell. ETA: And the Bucs are trading up to draft kickers lololololololololololo1ol1o1o1o1o1ol1lll11
  3. Come out of your stretch like a MVP

    Looks like a cross between the Robot and Walk Like an Egyptian.
  4. Huddle Exclusive: KK Short Discusses Desserts

    Awesome! Whatever happened to just getting to know the players we all love to cheer for? Baseball is very intimate . . . you arrive ahead of time, you watch the players toss the ball and goof around. You enjoy their personalities, because let's face it baseball is crap to watch. I definitely prefer pie-esque inquiries to the other trope.
  5. Bucs coaching staff discovers game changing data

    Did the Bucs hire Laremy Tunsil's agent as an advisor?
  6. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    Shaq just pick-6d Cam according D. Newton.
  7. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    Panthers just tweeted out this pic. Just look at Butler's width compared to the others. And it's not just a bunch of gut flab either.
  8. OTAs start Tuesday

    Within a 1/2 radius of the stadium. I can hear the practice music pumping right now.
  9. Great piece on Mario Addison

    So . . . maybe the coaches know what they're doing? Hopefully 2016 sees a few more sacks and more snaps. Getting 8+ sacks out of Addison this year would be a Godsend.
  10. OTAs start Tuesday

    The real question is when is Zod going to get a drone? P.S., I'm working from home today and have a clear view of the practice fields. Gonna be a great day!
  11. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    On a side note: all teams carry ex-military investigators as well as top-notch criminal defense attorneys [in an advisory/transactional role]. The organization got to the bottom of this before law enforcement left the scene.
  12. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Take note y'all: A police report of "smelled alcohol" is as rubber stamped as it gets. If alcohol was actually involved (read: Shaq was inebriated at 7 in the morning and lost control of his car), I guarantee they'd charge him and process him. This is headline fodder. Shaq was probably out the night before, and was headed home.
  13. OTAs start Tuesday

    I'd like to see which Special Teams players catch on. Voth mentioned it in an article, but what are guys like David Mayo doing to show they deserve to stick around another year?
  14. lol. i understand the lesson to be learned. but the execution is just way off here. you take his QUESTION in a meeting room EXERCISE as actual team-building plan? to me, it seemed largely an academic thought; ya know, "team sports" blah blah. holy poo bucs . . .
  15. OTAs start Tuesday

    Excited for KB and Funch! Twin tower end zone practice!!