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  1. ESPN D Stats (Total D)

    wow, thought for sure last year PFF ranked teams on O and D anyways can some other posters explain total D stats from espn to my friend. he needs more than one to get him to admit he is wrong lol    
  2. ESPN D Stats (Total D)

    ranking with all the individuals combined would be a total d stat no? that is not listed? 
  3. ESPN D Stats (Total D)

    what are we ranked on PFF regarding actual total D? 
  4. ESPN D Stats (Total D)

    Friend thinks when he clicks on Total Defense under stats it brings him to a page that formulates all the stats together and ranks them on such.  Would someone kindly explain that page and those stats and rankings. Just doesnt seem to get it.   
  5. Panthers PFF Grades - Offense

    Cam has been inconsistent in my eyes. He will have a couple bad drives then a couple good ones. Need to see more consistency from him. 
  6. Panthers PFF Grades - Defense

    ive been impressed with Coleman. 
  7. Official Texans at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Well our O is in a world of trouble. I dont see us winning many games this year tbh. 
  8. Official Texans at Panthers Gameday Thread

    shula is straight trash. good god ill celebrate the day his ass is not calling plays
  9. Oher Struggling Early in Camp

    how is the Fisher kid from Oregon looking so far? I wanted him pretty badly. 
  10.   based on last years play....
  11.   I let Oher and Remmers fight it out during pre-season. Split the reps. Then who ever played better should get the nod. 
  12.   not sure about that, remmers did a good job at RT last year late. 
  13. Final Panthers Mock Draft

    am i the only one that is not impressed by preston's smith tape?    doesnt look that explosive off the snap. 
  14. Better know a Prospect - Jake Fisher

      I hope he remains slept on so gman keep pick him up at 25. 
  15. Better know a Prospect - Jake Fisher

    I can not for the life of me understand how someone can be his size, that athletic, and known for great hands and technique is not projected higher.