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  1. We signed a waste of space (Tyler Hansbrough)

    i think under the right role and team I think Hans can be a more than serviceable player. 
  2. Watching Vonleh vs. Towns

    decent stat line for vonleh.   
  3. Why is everyone pegging Zeller ahead of Frank?

    Defensive is mostly about hustle, positioning, IQ, etc.  You can improve, mask, and scheme around defense much easier than offense.  With our team, you cant leave a guy as gifted offensively as Frank on the bench.  He needs to be playing.  The spacing alone he will bring will do wonders for our offense. 
  4. Why is everyone pegging Zeller ahead of Frank?

    Nonsense. People can see with their own eyes Frank is a better overall player than Zeller. Skills and talent can be seen without playing 1 day in the NBA. 
  5. Kantor signs max deal with Portland

    Kanter can give you 20/10. One of the best offensive C's in the game. He is gonna get paid. 
  6. Logjam in the backcourt

    all we need is a lockdown post defender and rebounder. 
  7. Logjam in the backcourt

    Most SG's can play SF and visa versa. 
  8. Kantor signs max deal with Portland

    doubt that
  9. Logjam in the backcourt

    Kemba / Lin Batum / Lamb MKG / Batum / Lamb Frank / Zeller Al / Zeller / Hawes
  10. Why is everyone pegging Zeller ahead of Frank?

    Not about rushing anyone into anything.  You play the best player period.  Frank is without question a better basketball player than Cody.   
  11. Why is everyone pegging Zeller ahead of Frank?

    O is always placed above D in the league.  Look at Harden. Dude is about as bad as it gets on D.  To me Zeller's D does not make up for the difference lost on O compared to Frank.   
  12. Seems as though everyone thinks its a forgone conclusion Zeller will be starting next year at PF.  I am sorry, but Zeller is not on Frank's level when it comes to offense. Would be a crying shame if Frank was not starting.  Unless of course Zeller has substantially improved over the offseason, which I doubt. 
  13. Aaron Harrison Summer League

    summer league bra.  if GM's sign players due to summer league then I got some bad news for ya....
  14. Summer League Thread 2015

    some nice takes from Frank today. 
  15. Frank Kaminsky looking good in summer league

    Well thats a different topic than "he has no post moves".