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  1. Keenum likes to duck i would tell the defense to always aim for the waste or thighs
  2. To the Pit of Misery!

    every soft ass panther fan right now needs to turn in their fan card
  3. Feel hopeless

    were still 8-4 get off the ledge dude
  4. Joe webbs been doing what taysom hill has for most of his career.
  5. Who gives a fug about hill joe webbs been doing that poo for five years
  6. Brees is a soft batch cookie bitch
  7. Aikman gonna suck kamaras dick the whole game
  8. The constant smirk by todd bowels annoys the fug out of me
  9. Fake injury to rest their guys
  10. Watch them have a camera on the sidelines for a highlights package for that play
  11. Help! Need to watch online

    Use sling tv free trial and cancel after the game
  12. Why isnt robbie anderson talking trash anymore? Bitch had one catch and acted like he was jerry rice in the first quarter
  13. Let the jets use up all their energy now so we can punch them in the gut later
  14. Thank you Veterans

    navy veteran of 8 years here and it was a honor to serve. i miss the ocean sometimes