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  1. Jaylon Smith?

    if we can grab him in the 4th hell yeah although i really dont want another Brandon hogan
  2. Would Gordon Ramsay be a early first or second round pick
  3. Cam Newton: #lateN1GHTsessionPERFECT1NGtheCRaft

    Why is cam still using a broken keyboard
  4. Saints have $1.298M million in cap space (updated)

    looks like they gotta restart their madden franchise with salary cap off
  5. i still cant watch superbowl 38 so umm yea not gonna happen.
  6. Need a new job

    try pest control most companies will train you and you can make easily upwards of 35k a year
  7. Tugboat Tolbert.... Does he return?

    no question he returns
  8. Sound FX: Superbowl 50

    Ill pass I still cant watch superbowl 38 highlights
  9. Boldin is a free agent

    The poo he was doing in the playoffs against us when he was a 49er still kind of tick me off.
  10. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    Let it go Clete blakeman could come out right now and say he was rooting for the broncos and it wouldnt change a thing
  11. meek mill would punk rodney harrison
  12. The Carolina Huddle

    I want people here to understand that just because they're a new fan it doesn't mean they will leave after this season. My mom didn't give a poo about the panthers until their superbowl year in 2003-04 but since then shes been a die hard panther fan she knows more about this team than probably most of you here. so remember just because some people are now just jumping on the bandwagon it doesnt mean they're going to leave after the season. embrace them love them and treat them like family because they are. One team two states. Keep poundng
  13. Cam, Seriously Bro?

    he's going to monday night raw after the super give him a break
  14. dont get me wrong i love what you all are doing just my family are new fans and some of your members were rude to them at a tailgate calling them fakers and such. keep on keeping on though.