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  1. Official Netflix Thread

  2. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    lol to be fair he's been rumored at every pay per view this year
  3. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    seth rollins is rumored again for tonight
  4. What happened to Netflix?

    I seriously think netflix is trying to have only netflix original content in a few years which in my opinion is going to be their downfall.
  5. What happened to Netflix?

    after a few bowls all the movies on netflix become watchable
  6. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    just watched the new episode wish i hadnt because now ive got nothing to watch tonight.
  7. Open WWE/NXT/Pro Wrestling thread

    Odds on aj styles actually winning tonight?
  8. Official Netflix Thread

  9. Peanut talks Panthers...glowingly

    im pretty sure a rookie would have no problem changing numbers
  10. Jaylon Smith?

    if we can grab him in the 4th hell yeah although i really dont want another Brandon hogan
  11. Would Gordon Ramsay be a early first or second round pick
  12. Cam Newton: #lateN1GHTsessionPERFECT1NGtheCRaft

    Why is cam still using a broken keyboard
  13. Saints have $1.298M million in cap space (updated)

    looks like they gotta restart their madden franchise with salary cap off
  14. i still cant watch superbowl 38 so umm yea not gonna happen.
  15. Need a new job

    try pest control most companies will train you and you can make easily upwards of 35k a year