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  1. Hey, hows it going?

  2. Cool. GLad to see ya back. Congrats on the marriage.

  3. We are fine. I dunno why Dan quit posting so much but I just got bored with the huddle. Everything (and everyone) became so predictable. I also despised it when the huddle crashed. Then after "the loss" last season, everyone became so negative. I just needed a break. I thought I'd come back for a while though. :)

  4. lol it has definitely been a while!! I thought Dan and you quit posting here... hows everything?

  5. Dang, April was the last time I said Hi to you. :( I hope you've been well. :D

  6. Hey!! Yeah, I've been good - been very busy @ work lately. How are you doing? Dan, daughter and pup?

  7. Howdy! Hope you've been good. :)

  8. Thanks Dan! Yup, heading to either Raleigh or Atl as soon as I get off work. Should be a good one.

  9. Happy Birthday - I hope it is good

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. How you doing? Haven't been posting around as much?

  12. Life is amazingly good considering how little I have to work with.

  13. and VERY nice pic on your page here! :D Hows everything?