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  1. jasonluckydog

    Derek Anderson...update?

    Nevermind that was just my fat wife, she fell in the toilet again
  2. jasonluckydog

    Derek Anderson...update?

    The fat lady is singing. ..
  3. Hey guys I'm new here as well lookin to meet some cool peeps 43/m/sc, pics?
  4. jasonluckydog

    Incognito placed on psychiatric hold

    sign him asap, you need a little crazy
  5. jasonluckydog

    Hunter Henry just blew out his ACL

    Trade Greg Olsen for a 1st, and 3rd. Cya Greg.
  6. jasonluckydog

    Will Tepper Move Training Camp?

    That would work, better restaurants here. The Citadel might be to rough for them. Living in baracks could toughen them up.
  7. jasonluckydog

    Will Tepper Move Training Camp?

    They should do it in Goose Creek SC, we have no facilities but it would be an easy drive for me. Cam could stay in my house.
  8. jasonluckydog

    Tepper speaks at Carnegie Mellon

    If he'll give me a few hundred k I'll like him.
  9. It's going to be a cluster fug
  10. jasonluckydog

    WTF Did I Just Watch

    All I hear is laurel
  11. jasonluckydog

    Marty impressed with new guard

  12. jasonluckydog

    Thank you Big Cat!

    JR will forever be my hero
  13. I'm a white male whenever I get pulled over the police usually give me good driving commendations and money.police are your friends
  14. jasonluckydog

    We've made it into a political cartoon

    We have our very own pos typical billionaire owner, yes! My dreams have been answered!