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  1. I'm giving my big brown ball to Cam! Luke has it on D! Addison played outstanding! Good win!
  2. The refs doing everything in their power
  3. If that was then oh well but that was not a fuging chop block!
  4. jasonluckydog

    Where are you from?

    Just got my 2nd one back 36% Westeros 25% Braavos 14% Meeren 12% River Run 8% Casterly Rock 5% Volantis The Braavos explains why I'm so cheap.
  5. Mess with everyone and wear black and gold on defense
  6. Cam better watch his back or he'll be holding a clipboard, am I right? High 5s
  7. The Pink Panther at the 50 during breast cancer month
  8. Reminds me of that time I got the flu, dont worry I'm ok now.
  9. I'm England they call cigarettes fags, very offensive to cigarettes.