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  1. Titans sign K Ryan Succup (5yrs $20 million)

    Best Gamecock kicker of all time, not bad for Mr.Irrelevant
  2. Running keeps the clock running, defense gets tired can't stack the box etc...bullshit article
  3. Any Fast Times at Ridgemont High fans here?

    That movie had it all, teen sex, drugs, rock n roll, surfin, teen boobs, masterbation, comedy, young love, creepy guys, nerd guys, mean guys, hustler, etc...
  4. Black Panther shirt - 6 bucks.

    Fight the power!
  5. Hi there

    When I was 22 years old and single I owned an orange and white cat named Mr Bojangles one day he brought home another cat a female that looked exactly like him. Mr B knocked up Mrs Bonjangles and sadly I had to get them both fixed and an abortion. I loved those cats if I didn't own a dog who would eat a cat I would have another
  6. Hi there

    I don't have a cat but my grandma and her girlfriend own 3 cats, my grandma is crazy about pussy
  7. Hi there

    Being gay is a choice. Have a great day!
  8. Hi there

    It's real, I learned the hard way when I had to buy a new couch. They also love women more then men so don't take it personal. My weim loved to sing if you get a chance sing the John Jacob Jingle heimer song to him and see if he reacts you might have to do it a few times but that poo is funny
  9. Hi there

    Crate train them when there young or they will eat your house if you leave them alone
  10. Hi there

    A beautiful baby weimaraner, a few huddlers here have owned one. My boy Jake was the greatest dog in the world RIP.
  11. Hi there

    I have a baby boy Panther fan coming March 31st....many,many kids wish me luck.
  12. Late V-Day present from the wife

    Very cool gift! Alcohol is the devils urine.
  13. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    That left elbow is way pointy, no thank you.
  14. CJ Anderson

    A fool and his draft picks will soon be departed
  15. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    I guarantee any pilot in the NY/NJ area would be happy to fly a Fire Shula banner.