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  1. Sanchez

    Dilly dilly! !
  2. Mike McCoy (OC, Denver) fired

    I bet the Hatfield's were behind this. ..
  3. fug You, Washington.

    Washington won that game on that final pic, however hands to the face.
  4. The redskins did everything correct to lose that game.
  5. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    Would you know my name , if i saw you in heaven?
  6. Movie Recommendation: Wind River

    Howard Stern was raving about it a couple of months ago
  7. Video games are dead *rant*

    That's it, played it only a handful of times. I only paid 20 for it so no huge loss
  8. Video games are dead *rant*

    I didn't buy COD this last release I'm waiting for Christmas deals, last year I got COD, BF1 and another game forgot the name the one that you control the giant robots or be just a pilot anyway I got all 3 for around $70 This year I'm getting Cod, swb2, South park
  9. Chances of bringing back Steve Smith?

    Please Steve is in game shape right now, I just saw a Dr.Pepper commercial and the dude was lightning fast serving all of those drinks.
  10. But can he play LT?
  11. That was a dominating performance by Cam so on offense he gets the ball and on the D that was tough but Luke gets the ball.!! We should play every Monday [email protected]@!! CMC, FUN, OLINE, STEW all played lights out and on D everyone played great
  12. Bell is super mad now, I hate to be the Falcons.
  13. Bell just got angry you better watch out Falcons
  14. General Gameday thread...

    It' not Bell's fault that Falcon player really wanted to sack Prescott and he did.