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  1. Derek Anderson playing the role of Peyton Manning

    thanks for posting this.
  2. What position did you play?

    I played wrestling 119 lbs and Cross country.
  3. Cam Newton disappointed me

    some times fans don't know when to stop them selves. The only time I had any geer signed outside the stadium I saw how rude people are. I was walking back to my hotel a Was behind Steven Davis, people kept bugging him. You could tell he was getting frustrated but never said anything. Then I saw a girl and a kid I guess where his go greet him and turn to walk to the car. People still kept bugging him. I basically shielded them by slowing down. And told them chill out. We as fans think now is my chance to get them alone but the. Player is. Hoping to be alone for a while.
  4. Villains

    even if I ask nice?
  5. Villains

    I have heard a few people call the Super Bowl the chip but why? what does this mean?
  6. Superb Owl Push

    that did it
  7. Where Are They Now? 2003 Panthers

    I was reading through making sure no one said this. Good job
  8. He'll be there

    did you miss the 1st line? the one above the pic?

  10. Gameday Menu Divisional Playoff Edition

  11. Do you have faith in McClain?

    Not this again
  12. HFA pie... get it while it's hot

  13.  forgot to talk to my panthers jersey when i put it on, i usually say stay calm guys we need to play calm on offense.
  14. So whats the issue with the defense?

    Same thing that happens to teams who score too fast, we get tired and we give too many opportunities to the other team to score. It was why we never won with chud its hard on the D to score fast but its fun. I think if we could do some slow drives in with the way we play now it would be good.