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  1. Beating the Heat

    That Heat shot chart from games 1 and 2 is just as ludicrous as I had imagined
  2. Courtney Lee Appreciation Thread

    I'm still amazed this guy has bounced around the league. OKC could use him, he's better than every 2 they've ever had, he's so undervalued.
  3. Brad Nessler Leaving ESPN for CBS, will broadcast NFL games

    Not really, mostly because they signed huge live sports extensions without thinking about the ramifications cord cutters and internet streaming services are having on traditional tv. Seriously, the college football contracts they were giving out are truly obscene.
  4. Cliff fires shots at the Heat

    Steve Clifford has really grown on me quite a bit this season, I'm glad he's our guy.
  5. Brad Nessler Leaving ESPN for CBS, will broadcast NFL games

    This right here has really screwed them, and they're locked into this through like 2021 or something like that.
  6. Brad Nessler Leaving ESPN for CBS, will broadcast NFL games

    ESPN is really hemorrhaging money. Seriously, check out the commercials that come on there late at night, you can just tell.
  7. Time To Let Rich Cho Go?

    Yeah this thread is crazy
  8. So, Steve Kerr won Coach of the year? WTF?

    Mark Jackson coached this team down and lost in the playoffs a lot, Steve Kerr deserves an insane amount of credit.
  9. So, Steve Kerr won Coach of the year? WTF?

    They won 73 games, it's fine if he wins. If it makes you feel any better he definitely should have won it last year and didn't, so maybe we're even now.
  10. Courtney Lee Appreciation Thread

    He really obliterated Wade last night.He might be the best team defender I've ever seen play basketball. Courtney Lee is really good, I can't believe he's bounced around the league so much.
  11. Feel Like It Is Time To Get Out The Broom

    This thread is pretty hilarious. Clifford got woefully outcoached, but it's just one game, it doesn't matter how many you lose by.
  12. Panther Fan Twitter Follow Train 2.0

    I tweet very vulgar things quite often so no easily offended people please @OmegaAtrocity
  13. Manziel, cocaine, shrooms, and a rental home

    This thread started out pretty awesome, then just devolved into a dick measuring contest. About par for the course on the internet.
  14. Rams trade to Number 1

    Horrible deal the Titans truly fleeced them. It will be justifiable if they get a franchise qb, but that's a lot of misguidedconfidence to have in someone in this draft.
  15. Best case (realistic) scenario for the remaining games

    The only way we don't play Atlanta is if we lose and Miami beats Boston. I agree, I would love to knock them out of the playoffs. We shouldn't listen to Bonnell, they're beatable.