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  1. I would've looked him dead in the eye & said "Yes!" I have trained multiple dogs (& cats for that matter) to do many things from good behavior, to hunting, to tricks & never had to hit them.
  2. I remember when no team in NFL history had won the NFC South two years in a row...
  3. Just so sad

    From football money maybe, but his family is oil rich. Odds are his dad will give him a cushy mid 6 figure job.
  4. Harriet Tubman

    Actually, he probably just feels... gritty...
  5. Cam on the cover of EBONY

    The Internet is really, really great.... For porn.
  6. So, I heard a stupid yesterday

    I've heard rumblings of such things since Clinton. Wouldn't surprise me if it went back to the beginning with Washington, but we didn't have the Internet.
  7. A few days ago, I woke up & my 4 year old was standing beside the bed. "Good morning daddy!" "Morning Mich... Why do you have a potato?" Hey looks me dead in the eye & says "I'm building a house for the cat." ...That made more sense than this poo show of a trade.
  8. A big deal? OR SNL ish?

    No its not new. I remember hearing it in the 70s, & am sure it was around before that. As for the comment, yeah... with his wife & kids being black he gets a pass in normal conversation, but in this instance it was a dumb move.
  9. Bernie Sanders Daily News Interview

    Yeah, I was reading that this morning. My wife's a big Bernie supporter, & asked me about it, but luckily I was heading out the door to catch a plane to Florida for a meeting.
  10. DC Comics Mock Draft

    Wait, is it the "oh crap! I'd better telepathically calla giant seahorse to spit water at that ship!" Aquaman from The Super Friends... or is it the "Fuggit! I'll just cut my hand off with my belt buckle & graft a cybernetic harpoon on later!" Aquaman from Justice League?
  11. Race Relations Better?

    Oh there is a violent crime problem in the black community. It's part of the reason I work with kids infugged up, crime ridden neighborhoods in Chicago & Milwaukee. Also, white folks lead in plenty of crime categories. https://www.fbi.gov/ But I have to ask, why do you want to paint us black guys as someone to fear when you only (might) have to worry about .7% of us? I mean my wife is white & I don't worry about her burning the house down.
  12. Befriending Terrorist

  13. Befriending Terrorist

    Terrorists have an odd tendency to be freedom fighters to us until they piss us off.