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  1. 332nd added a post in a topic Fells has parts of foot amputated due to MRSA   

    Fug that is horrible. 
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  2. 332nd added a post in a topic more of what the Hawks fans are saying   

    Heh... Remember when Wilson, Luck, & Kaepernick were fantastic young QBs that willed their teams ti victory, while Cam was a bust that Panther fans kept trying to cover for by blaming the O-line?
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  3. 332nd added a post in a topic Ben Carson said that Holocaust would have been less severe/less likely if Jews were armed   

    That's because if he was a Dem candidate there would be memes all over right wing sites with names like "Uncle Ben/Ben Cornbread", demanding to see his long formooriginal birth certificate, insisting that he only graduated due to affirmative action, & posting a poo ton of racist Photoshopped pics insisting that they can't be racist because a vaguely similar pic/drawing was used with a white politician once. 
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  4. 332nd added a post in a topic Not panthers related but IDGAF...   

    I  was thinking Everette Brown what with the spinning in circles not getting anywhere. ..
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  5. 332nd added a post in a topic What's your official prediction for what our record will be at the end of the season?   

    We will beat the Patriotsin the Super Bowl, & Brady will offer his hand to Cam in a "pass the torch type gesture.  Brady will then snatch his hand away at the last second, smoothing back his hair because he's a douche. Cam will kick him in the nuts, take Brady's helmet,  & light it on fire, carrying it & the Lombardi to the locker room. Nobody says poo because Norwell wil be there with his Buliwyf from 13th warrior "Sit yo $5 ass down before I make change" face.
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  6. 332nd added a post in a topic Ryan Delaire nickname thread   

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  7. 332nd added a post in a topic Luke still has not passed the concussion protocol, Cotch in full pads and helmet   

    ... So you can't wait for your epeen extention just like he said. 
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  8. 332nd added a post in a topic let's take a quick glance at turnover differential   

    & you can't help but giggle when you see that she's gotten a little chubby, & the guy she turned you down for isn't shooting up to Sr. Exec like she thought, but is instead stuck in middle management. 
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  9. 332nd added a post in a topic How do you guys feel when an announcer says insert fan base here travels well?   

    Yup. Chicago would be an example of a team that just has loyalty in recent years.
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  10. 332nd added a post in a topic Last week...Luke met with the independent Dr. and not cleared   

    Plus, unless he watched the tape, he most likely doesn't remember it.
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  11. 332nd added a post in a topic The Negativity of Our Fans   

    Meh...Some folks refuse to take yes for an answer.  If we made it to the Super Bowl & won by 3 but Brady was KOd with 3 minutesto go, they'd be whining about how its not a real victory. 
    Its like logging on to a forum  that my MiL made ton of alts on.
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  12. 332nd added a post in a topic Who is this Ryan Delaire?   

    Bloomfield Connecticut,  born & raised...
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  13. 332nd added a post in a topic Colin Kapernick   

    I'm laughing at 9er fans raging about Matthews kissing his bicep after a sack.
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  14. 332nd added a post in a topic Completely unimpressed with Allen   

    Meh, I was looking at him as an on the field coach at the very least (& a bargain at that) any big plays would just be gravy. His drawing dbbl teams is less gravy, but gravy nonetheless. 
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  15. 332nd added a post in a topic Another school shooting, this time in Oregon   

    Well, we do need to rework our mental healthcare in the US. 
    I don't agree with "pre-profiling though.
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