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  1. Gorilla killed at zoo

    Ok, talked to my friends at the Milwaukee Zoo. Sadly, that was the only option that ensured the child's safety. From the look of it (this is a summation of their words btw) the silver back was protecting the child. The problem is that they are about 6 times stronger than a strong man their size & humans are also far more fragile meaning likelihood of serious injury or death was high. The dragging was how gorillas get their kids out of harms way quickly & the people screaming likely spooked it. A baby gorilla would likely have rolled up & attempted to climb on. It would be very difficult for a human child to do that. With that said, it was a male, & it's not unheard of for a male gorilla to haul off & kill baby gorilla. As far as the tranqs, they take time & gorillas are very aggressive so there the most likely result would be a full grown silverback flailing around in a rage for several seconds, with a 4 year old to stunned to move & the zookeeper so hoping he just happens to miss the child. Also one of the people I talked to is on the kill team if this hand been in Milwaukee she'd be the one taking the shot & said she 100% agreed with the decision.
  2. VP Bets

    ... If Bernie gets the nom, Hillary is both 4/1 & 25/1?
  3. VP Bets

    Actually, I can see Hillary reaching out to Bernie. Don't know if he'd take it though, so I agree with you on Villariagosa. Trump? I agree again that Kasich but I also would be surprised if he took it, so I'm gonna say he goes Cruz for DC experience, but still kind of an outsider.
  4. This is a R3volution!!!!!

    Jim Beam is insignificant when compared to the greatness that is his grand nephew Baker.
  5. Yeah, my FB feed is filled with this... meanwhile, the actual comic is starting a storyline that has Cap as a secret double agent for Hydra..
  6. Dem Party fractures

    Maybe both fracture, & we can wind up with 4 parties. 2 loud, obnoxious & kids funny, 2 that will at least try to work together.
  7. Egyptian Airliner goes down

    Sharp turns followed by a spinning dive. If I had to guess, I'd go with a bomb or some kind of structural failure taking out the rudder.
  8. Trump vs. Hillary

    Nope, & I actually like Obama. That precedent is too dangerous to set imo. ETA:In fact I don't like the fact that Congress can run over & over until they get tired of it, & I hate that USSC is a lifetime appointment.
  9. Madden 17 Cover Release

    Lol someone on Newsbake just said it was Cam.
  10. Time Jeep woulda been awesome in the 80s. But yeah, it's apparently had a resurgence lately. Nevermind that timezones exist, never mind you can see a round shadow during a lunar eclipse, & nevermind all the other round planets & moons in the solar system. It must be flat!
  11. I poo you not. I met a flat Earther last week at the shop where I was getting my Jeep serviced. Crazy as fug.
  12. I'll never understand why people go after the presidents' kids. Especially when they're young.
  13. Head Scratchers in the Draft

    ...Wait, what!?!??! That was real? I missed the 2nd day & just heard about that. It wasn't a joke?
  14. Gettleman on NFL Radio at 10:20

    Could someone post a breakdown? Gonna be in meetings all day.
  15. I would've looked him dead in the eye & said "Yes!" I have trained multiple dogs (& cats for that matter) to do many things from good behavior, to hunting, to tricks & never had to hit them.