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  1. Perspective (too early?)

    I disagree. This team is already special. We lost two games. Soon the drunken idiots will dissipate and won't return until their team starts winning again. It's an endless cycle that'll only end when we finally know what a catch is
  2. Star is needed as much as KK. One without the other isn't good for us.
  3. I'm more upset about that halftime show than anything.  Just another team on Revenge Tour v2.0
  4. Post Super Bowl thoughts

    I like cake.
  5. All these trolls

    People on the Broncos forum actually took the time to PM these to me:    
  6. Why is someone hitting me with a door?
  7. NFL Rigged?

    It's clear now. To win a Super Bowl we'll need Cam to be under investigation by the NFL.
  8. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    She's crying guys. Cut her some slack
  9. Official Panthers - Broncos Superbowl Gameday Thread

    Did we see you on tv cracker? First you're all over my radio and now my home theater. We might have to hang out eventually if you're going to be all over the place
  10. Getting the party started in Houston!

    Boo this man for no other reason than I wasn't invited
  11. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Whatever happened to those Seattle fans that booked flights to Arizona?
  12. Which jersey to buy my mom?

    Davis and I are the same age. Also we'll be looking for you after the game. Davis owes me a favor.
  13. Which jersey to buy my mom?

    My mom already has game jerseys for Luke and Olsen but I'm wanting to spread some love to the lesser known guys. Which one should I get her? If not listed add your idea.
  14. Who's watching Manchester United right now?

    I hear that all the time about DiffEQ. First ManU game I've not watched in a while and that's what happens.