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  1. Favorite songs about relationships

  2. Jury Duty - What Would You Do?

    I think you did the right thing
  3. Selective use of logic: Guns and Bathrooms.

    Squeaky wheel gets the grease. They're louder because they lose.
  4. Ted Cruz drops out. Let the pun wars begin.

    Please use his real name of Rafael.
  5. Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2

    Nick is the main character. One of the first people we see waking up, like Rick, in a bad situation. People love redemption. There are people that are very mechanical. Did you see that truck he drove? Dude knows how to turn a wrench. For example, the first time I had a tv cut out. I opened it up and saw capacitors that didn't look normal, pulled the old ones, and replaced with new ones. I've never been trained in electronics repair but I know how to solder pipes.
  6. The Punisher Netflix

    Called it before season 2. They were just hyping him up so much
  7. X-Men Apocalypse

    Fixed point in time.
  8. Gettleman on NFL Radio at 10:20

    On Sirius. I'll try to find a link to audio once it's over for those that can't listen.
  9. Update on the toddler body count

    Yeah, those are weapons I have no experience with. But now I want to see a toddler chamber a round and yell, "Break yourself, fool!"
  10. What if.......

  11. Your biggest concern going into the season?

    Better cancel the season now
  12. Update on the toddler body count

    Anyone else curious how a toddler has the strength to pull a trigger?
  13. Why Vernon Butler Makes Sense + Highlights

    What kind of oil is he running because no man that large should be able to move that well.