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  1. The next play was the entire game, if that was called a catch we have a real chance to win that game.
  2. Personally, because to me I just play in a family league and because fantasy is so random in general I would take him with my first pick whether it was 1st or 12th... I really do think he could be the #1 overall player. A jump like LeVeon Bell from his rookie to sophomore is what I expect because McC looks way better and the game has slowed down for him, we're going to feed him the damn ball like nobody else and yes Norv can use him right.
  3. Why do you say “experiment?” Guy has been rock solid when he’s seen the field... we’ve never given him a chance.
  4. McC will be the number one fantasy player (non-QB) this year. 100%
  5. fug that I love Martin and we’d whoop em 41-0 even with Martin. Hope he’s fine.
  6. Gilbert had the more meaningful snaps week 1 while Heineken had the more meaningful snaps week 2. Neither has impressed all that much to be honest...
  7. Belichick caved to kraft on Garrapolo! Fire him!
  8. ... you’re kidding right ... boss who’s paying you and everyone else wants something done. It gets done or it’s your ass
  9. Love this @Jeremy Igo get him on the huddle podcast or @RoaringRiot podcast
  10. All 4 looked great in every aspect. Tough decisions to be made.
  11. Barner's making his case on ST and offense.
  12. He can tackle and is a playmaker and generally in the right position... not much more you can ask for from a nickel not named Chris Harris Jr... Last year was rough for whatever reason but Cap was great here before and very solid in MN.
  13. I'm in no rush to ditch Cap, I'm excited about him this year but I think Corn could be a cheaper, younger, possibly better option after this year. But not before then barring injury...