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  1. 2011 and 2012 were damn good seasons for a QB's first two seasons...
  2. t96

    MICHAEL PORTER JR!!!!!!!!!

    still can't stay healthy...
  3. Except that one was just a traffic stop. This was apprehending suspects in a shooting from earlier that day. Very different.
  4. There’s a reasonable argument for wanting to see more than 1 season of great play but there’s really no reasonable argument that he’s overrated or that last year was a fluke. He dominated all year. If anything he’s underrated by most—didn’t even make pro bowl and nobody mentions him when talking about OTs.
  5. Williams is getting up there in Norwell’s territory and in a more valuable position and harder to find talent position. If Willie is looking for top tier money after 1 solid year then pass but I’d try our best to keep him at reasonable money. Tag could be a possibility too after the year...
  6. Not sure they're related to this at all. Rivera has at least another 2 years I would think. Hurney this year and if moves from this offseason don't seem to pan out this year then he's probably gone but otherwise he might stick around a bit. One thing to remember is that the Steelers brass raved to Tepper about Hurney and Rivera. Tepper may very well want his own guys running the show but I think that'll only happen if Hurney faceplants this go around (which is certainly possible, but I will say his moves this offseason have been pretty solid and better than any offseason of his in his first stint. Cutting Stew, not breaking the bank for Star/Norwell, etc. are all the moves of a changed man...).
  7. And if Rodgers is 99 Luke should be too.
  8. 86 is reasonable if Cam were where he should be--90 to 93ish.
  9. Cam, Luke and TD when they all retire here will be the best.
  10. t96

    Training Camp Schedule

    Trying to see if I can make it down for 3-4 days. Really hope to.
  11. Dude shut the fug up and play football damn no one cares what you or Trump has to say
  12. I wish he never got hurt he looked ridiculous in 2015 TC. Like best player on the team good, and that was going against Josh... I think the ACL tear did him in more than people think. I doubt he'll ever dominate again like he could've and flashed in '14 (50 yarder in double coverage on Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman comes to mind) but he can still be a solid possession and red zone guy for a while.
  13. That’s a wrap on his career if he is suspended again.
  14. t96

    Mini Camp Day ThreeThread

    Ok pal we’ll see