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  1. Okay. So then...Why?

    I figured it would take days or weeks.
  2. And LB and DT Hurney.... particularly DT
  3. Okay. So then...Why?

    How long does it take to teach a parrot certain words?
  4. The Film Room: 2018 NFL Draft

    Yeah I like him but for what it's worth he had McCaffrey as a late 2nd rounder last year...
  5. He's destined for the Panthers as a UDFA. May not be destined to make the 53 ever though.
  6. The most important aspects of being a head coach are gameplanning both sides of the ball and managing all of the coaches under him. Clock management and other smaller details like that really aren't a huge deal in the overall picture. And several successful head coaches have called their own plays on either side of the ball. Mike McCarthy in Green Bay for example as well as McVay last year running the O and Phillips running the D. Norv's tremendous experience as HC and coordinator gives us the ability to just hand him the offense and let him run it and gameplan while allowing for Ron to focus solely on the defensive gameplan. Rivera saw first hand how well this strategy worked with the Bears and while yes Ryan and Ditka was an extremely hostile relationship it certainly doesn't have to be that way to kind of have two separate head coaches each running one side of the ball. And Norv and Ron already have a great relationship clearly.
  7. James and Ridley are my two dream unlikely but not completely impossible sliders. I think there's a small chance we get one of them but it's a greater chance than most think.
  8. I think Norv will further bring out Ron's Riverboat.
  9. I agree there's slim chance but I'm sticking with that prediction. And come on man be honest with yourself. You'll find something to complain about even if we took Ridley at 24!

    With his first round history I think there’s a case for trading our 2nd and 3rds to get two first rounders this year...
  11. S4L's Panthers Mock Draft

    Good one. Enjoy Lamar Jackson busting in that god forsaken swamp of yours.
  12. 1. No 2. Calvin Ridley 3. Don't know but we can be 100% sure FreeFua will complain
  13. It seems like Rivera has basically handed over the keys to our offense to Norv and he'll have full control over the offense. I haven't really seen discussions of what this means for Rivera and our D though... There's no doubt at all that Rivera is one of the best defensive minds in the game. With Norv here does that take away offensive responsibility from Ron and give him more time to be engaged and focused on the defensive. I think so and if this is the case this is a huge aspect of getting Norv that hasn't been talked about much. If Rivera is focused on the D kinda like his old coach Buddy Ryan with Norv being Ditka but without the hostility and more cohesiveness I think this could work out extremely well for both sides of the ball. Not trying to take away from Eric Washington who I think could be a very solid coordinator but it definitely makes sense for Ron to take control of the defense -- maybe even call the plays himself which he hasn't done since he's been here but which worked out extremely well when he was a coordinator in the past. Slow week before the draft...