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  1. Norman's Trash Talking

      Rivera said he didn't think it should've been a penalty and asked the refs about it and they told him it was because it was in Dallas, which Rivera said he understood. That's bullsh*t to me. A penalty is a penalty wherever it occurs, and that was a bullsh*t call. Just glad the game was already out of hand by then.
  2. Norman's Trash Talking

    I would guess he said something more along the lines of "Look at that, now take your ass back to your huddle and come back again" but the article couldn't print that...
  3. Norman's Trash Talking

    Would Josh be this good without his confidence and swagger and mouth?
  4. Norman's Trash Talking

    Good or bad?    
  5. Olsen on Pace for Another Career Year

    I don't know. Gronk is a complete freak. Greg is smarter and is still very athletic but Gronk is something else completely. Teams don't plan to stop Greg as much as they do Gronk. And Gronk still dominates weekly.
  6. Along the Sidelines - The book

    Also make a book of all the cheerleaders the Panthers have claimed and will claim this year.
  7. Eli throws so many stupid passes and we'll capitalize. And our D-line will demolish their o-line and sack the crap out of him. Even if they're better than the Cowboys they don't worry me one bit. It's the divisional games that can be dogfights so those probably "scare" me the most.
  8. SQUAD

    Avant maybe.
  9. It was between the Cowboys with ROmo and the Giants in my opinion for hardest game after the tough 4 game stretch. Seeing how bad we crushed them with Romo in the game makes me think the Giants game could be tougher but maybe we're just this damn good and we'll crush them too. What a season man I fuging love this.
  10. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Josh needs to get one to finish off the trifecta.
  11. Cowboys country? Na, it's Panther country

    If Romo rips it down all is good with me. He doesn't have the balls though.
  12. If Norman shuts down Dez....

    Still think that Norman's number he wants to clear is the $10M/year part. If we offered him a 4-5 year deal with around $11M per and a very respectable guarantee amount I think he'd take it and we'd be keeping one of the league's best corners for a little bit under what he would get on the open market.
  13. Who else feels like this?

    Hell yeah brother
  14. Cam Newton is your Offensive Player of the Week

    Gurley and Cooper are both ahead of Rawls, not sure where Jameis is in there but I doubt Rawls even comes close.
  15. We Have Officially Made It

    Yep wore my big puffy winter jacket that I've had for years and I'm just breaking out now because it's getting cold and some fool comes up and asks me "hey man is that a new jacket?" Couldn't even tell by the rip in the side and the scuff marks and the fading color...