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  1. Madden 17 Carolina Panthers Ratings

    Daryl Williams not DeAngelo.
  2. Update on the toddler body count

    I don't own firearms for home protection.
  3. When a player doesn't fit your system

    His contract is basically two years with the skins. Many fans and media there think he's just a stopgap signing.
  4. Update on the toddler body count

    What else are you going to hunt with?
  5. A Funchess Reminder

    He was by far our best WR the entire postseason and we'd have had a much better chance at coming back in SB if he didn't get the concussion. Could we really find 5-6 receivers we'd rather keep than him?
  6. Update on the toddler body count

    There are a lot of dangerous things in this world that most homeowners have lying around the house. Steak knives, lawnmowers, hedge clippers, etc. Firearms are just another tool. It's the parents' responsibility to make it impossible for the children to get into, which is very easy to do and what most firearm owners do indeed do. The parents who don't do so should be put in prison and have their kids taken away. Firearms in my home are always locked in a safe and within the safe each firearm has a trigger lock. In addition, I keep my ammunition locked up separately. It's an extremely small percentage of people who own firearms legally that let their kids get into the guns. Kids drowning in bathtubs is a bigger issue. And all the other ways children are accidentally injured or killed are just as big of an issue. The problem with trying to solve it is that these are people who shouldn't be parents. You'd have to stop certain people from having children. Not possible.
  7. Edmund Kugbila making a comeback

    Honestly wouldn't mind if he came back and competed for a spot in camp. Unlikely but we are thin on interior line depth.
  8. The Bears Have Released SS Antrel Rolle

    Injury concerns and the fact that he's pretty much just a box safety which there are a lot of. I like him and would be cool with him starting at SS, but if people were annoyed by Roman's coverage they're gonna be more pissed with Cash's, unless he's an extremely fast learner under Wilks and Rivera.
  9. Update on the toddler body count

    Do you think a toddler accidentally killing himself with the parent's gun is worse than him accidentally drowning in the bathtub because the parents aren't watching him?
  10. What if.......

    Sanders is going to hope Hillary goes to prison and has to drop out so he can step in. Though the odds of that are very low it's much more likely than him being Trump's VP.
  11. Update on the toddler body count

    What are the stats on toddlers drowning in the bathtub?
  12. By putting Ryan on the ground.
  13. They liked Gradkowski enough to give him 3 years. Then again they gave Dickson 3 years, so who knows.
  14. Game 7

    We're gonna win. Period.