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  1. How the Left wins it for the Right

    Like you know Trump...lol
  2. Trump vs Sanders

    Trump would kill Bernie.regardless
  3. An Inexcusable, Willful Disregard for the Rules

    Trumps platform doesnt suggest he will go lib....but Kasich has Shown he is for sale...

    Johnson is a joke...
  5. Your Odd News For The Day

    Ib I guess the same way responsible o People Are systematically o Punished for irrespionsible peoples' crimes ...
  6. We were losing...then we won!
  7. It snows it rains, its clear, the weather in hawaii changes all the time...
  8. SF 49ers join fight against HB2

    Its like you...besides a dumbass,what other aspirations do you have?
  9. Much Ado?

    Depends on where back home is...
  10. Much Ado?

    But I do vote ...theRed changes his/hers....
  11. Much Ado?

    Heres one more native American vote for keeping the name...
  12. Much Ado?

    Whine...you willl eventually get your way...
  13. Which has zero to with abortion...
  14. Got a relationship question...

    Quit,dump her,go fishing...