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  1. Let's talk about Ted Ginn Jr.

    He showed what speed can do in this offense.we need him for the return game but we also need to upgrade our speed receiver .
  2. Gman has built from the bench up now it's time to get starting talent
  3. Love Boston he gives us good depth as a backup.
  4. 30th Pick

    Will Fuller
  5. My Initial Offseason Outlook

    We have built depth now time to bring in some long-term starting talent. Boston is a good backup now lets get a starter,same with Remmers ,Ginn, and McClain.
  6. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    So you're saying there's a chance.
  7. 30th Pick

    More upside than lawson     
  8. Remember When We All Wanted DJ Humphries in 2015?

    what do you mean we?
  9. How about we Become Sore loosers and Screw with Godell...

    we knew something was up when they didn't reverse the cotchery catch and I do mean catch. That led directly to the fumble td. It never touched the ground.That was obvious. The hand was under the ball.
  10. Positions we need to upgrade

    Oher is a stop gap, allen is a stop gap, all the other cb's not named norman or bene are stop gaps, Ginn has played well but he is a stop gap. If the same positions continue to be positions of need then the problem is not being addressed.
  11. Shula will suck again but it's certainly not all of a sudden.