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  1. SF 49ers join fight against HB2

    Its like you...besides a dumbass,what other aspirations do you have?
  2. Much Ado?

    Depends on where back home is...
  3. Much Ado?

    But I do vote ...theRed changes his/hers....
  4. Much Ado?

    Heres one more native American vote for keeping the name...
  5. Much Ado?

    Whine...you willl eventually get your way...
  6. Which has zero to with abortion...
  7. Got a relationship question...

    Quit,dump her,go fishing...
  8. It is just as letting people choose their outhouse is ..
  9. Norman "Panthers aren't family enough"

    So its Not a family...just a rest stop on the highway if life...
  10. I think at this point if he saww you on thec street You deserve what you get...yOu r A bigger DiCk than any you May coinjure In your posts.
  11. The demise of Trump

    This just in ,Gore .,.. takes florida...
  12. Trump Doesn't Understand Basic Economics?

    Yeah basic econ 101 its Not like conventional wisdom has landed us 19 trillion in debt...lets Keepv doing Whatc we Are doing...