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  1. Calvin Johnson to retire

    Wow how much money did he leave ?
  2. Clemson DE Kevin Dodd

    This will look like a pipe dream in a few weeks. I expect Dodd to drafted around 15 spot.
  3. Remember When We All Wanted DJ Humphries in 2015?

    I was not a hump fan, had huge issues and even had he him as the 7/8 rated OT. But I wasn't a shaq fan either....... I have a rule about rookies;  don't judge til the first true NFL offseason( 2nd season mini,otas,TC etc).  That said, I heard hump would have one great day followed by three terrible ones. Which is a common issue with lots of rooks. Still my rule or not, its looks bad when you cannot beat the guys hump had in front thus becoming a Johnathan cooper- like inactive.
  4. N if L What if Luck came out as a junior?

    The huddle would have 50% more neckbeard avs.   Most would be talking about how much better luck is than "scam" newton. Watching other boards to defend luck when compared to scam, wilson etc. 
  5. Peyton Manning HGH allegations

    Compare pics of him at tennessee compared to now, he does have a barry bonds change. He does not pass the eye test, at all.  
  6. The Kawann Short Contract....

    I'm no joking here, I believe it will be 100 million or very close. Jj watt needs to fire his agent.     That's price for a DL force. Keep a eye wilkerson ny jets, he got injured late But his contract will 100 mi
  7. My Cardinals scouting report

    I'll just add to this with my opinions.   DL coach beston bucker(former panther) is the best DL coach in the whole nfl. He's sooooo smart when it comes to DL tactics. Dave is a top GM, so is the cards GM. He's drafted Greeeat since arriving and fixed the team.   Cards have a deeeep DB talent, even without honey.   I believe they run the most 3WRs sets in the nfl, around 75% of snaps.  Their LB minter is underratted, he's a beast in the middle.
  8. Playoff kryptonite: Where each team can be exposed

    Honestly I cannt believe I'm about to type this, being a huge shula "hater"......... the way to beat the panthers is sorta simple. Keep cam and company on the sideline, control clock/run the ball/ own t.o.p. panthers are putting 30+ points a game, limit cam and crew. Id also tell DL who ever to take their time getting off cam when he's hit. It brothers him, so do it.   Attack the defense with 3WR 1TE sets, but still run the ball. Don't avoid jno, but short inbounds throws. Most plays have the double on KK. Attack everyone but luke, td, jno and kk....... and coleman in passing game. Burn time even if you re scoring. Add some trick plays, I havnt seen a flea flicker in about a year.   St are still meh. I mean gano is money so long the line blocks........ I'm ready for a new punter
  9. Chip Kelly fired

    I'll man up, I wanted Ron fired and Kelly hired....badly. After year one, I was pissed cause I thought it was the beginning of a new era. BUT I changed my opinion after chip traded rare elite talent for way less broken talent. I don't care if you're a god, its much easy to win with great talent. Yes it sucks that said talent maybe lazy, has bad habits, ahole etc etc.... Find way to make it work, you must find a way. This is pros, not a four year program with more controll. Their current GM is like a young Dave gentleman, he's building a bully and has a insanely great eye for talent. He just needs to stay away form heavy drinking. He had a huge part in seafags and 49ers(before this year unrealness) success.
  10. Panthers Red Zone improvement

    It's going to be a sad day, once someone hires KB and it takes away her forum time.   My two biggest issues with Shula where play calling once he crossed the 50 and red zone. He's no longer losing his balls once they cross the 50 and scoring points(should had never been a issue with cam,stew,Tolbert,Olsen,kb) . Happy its all working.
  11. Would you have dumped Pagano for Arians?

    Bruce is the coach version of GM Dave.   I know this too, pagonao isn't the issue there, its starts at the top two- owner and GM. The owners has many issues, all are known. Plus I'm no polian fan, but compared to the current joker at GM.... Gimme polian 10/10. That dumb@as has only hit on two picks in his entire 4 year drafting career; luck(at the time easiest pick n NFL history) and t.y. hilton. The other thirty some picks = trash. I dare mention trading a 1st for richerson or ignoring DL/OL too or the FA busts too( that Jim bragged about on Twitter).    Lastly Luck truly may not be that good, the media excuse train is unworldly in his favor. Everything but him are the problems.
  12. Not going into details, but something happen to me during the last time I went to a home game. The year was 2010...............  I made up my mind, never again. I'm still not over it and during last years viking game had similar feelings, just wasn't live.   If if if I decide to change my mind, man id love to join the RR army. So proud of the movement.
  13. I don't know about him, but the war eagle ties (cam&cap)and read option. Why not if the other guy is not improving.   I do know a little about Nate askew, he's super athletic. Mike Evans (yucs WR) stated in the early years Nate was the fasted guy on A&M. Then he hit the weights and lost that fastest spot. 2013 A&M had a run of injuries hit LBs, so the coach asked if he could switch form WR to rush LB. He did so and had success. His problem is between the ears, he's thinking too much rather than doing/moving. Good project for PS, but I wouldn't be shocked at any point if he's cut. Learning the panther Bible and blocking, that's should be his HUGE issues.  
  14. Would you give Shaq a second round grade?

    I don't grade rookies til they get the first true NFL off season, starting in 2016 training camp is when I think its fair to give grades.   For record I hated this years draft class(minus Williams). Seems Shaq true value will be seen once TD retires, Funch needs lots of work(paging moose and his 415 bench), Williams has been hurt, cap seems like shaq in the sense stew is still here, and mayo looks good on STs all you can ask for a late 5th.