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  1. If boykin was cancerous or injuries, why did the panthers sign him to start with? I'll maintain my similar stance, at least let boykin compete in TC & OTAs and let the chips fall. Not upset at him being cut, just the timing. What happens if sandez and other Nickels get rash of injuries? Now if boykin had a hip injury after signing that would make sense, but he should have been a injury waiver if that was the case. I had a huge question in one of the other boykin threads, why did three CB needed teams want nothing to do with him? Philly needed CBs and traded him. Pitt was maybe the most CB needy team, after giving a 5th benched him for 3/4 of season and didnt make attempt to resign him. Carolina signed him after free agancy cooled down and gave boykin a 80,000$ cup of coffee. Its werid deal in the offseason, perfect for huddle!
  2. Wow, so during a non-contact drill shaq rises his arm in a swin move and that means surgery? Bills and shaq need to stop fooling themselves with BS. I even heard shaq say he hasn't pressed any weight since 2014, but it was NOT due to his shoulder..... Poor bills fans are caused and calling Clemson players soft.
  3. Reporter- " shaq has been flagged for a bum shoulder" Bills GM - " false our doctors said he doesn't need any surgery " Weeks later........ Bills GM " shaq needs surgery , that is all.... NO QUESTIONS!"
  4. OT and OT. Prefered both be LT, but I understand it's very difficult to find worthly ones. Still whats currently LT depth on the roster is scary..... Frenchie and camp fodder, just terrible. I wish Dave would have done for the OTs what he did for the CB group in the draft. I figured out the solution!!!!!!!1!1!1 TD went to the draft= shaq. Chris gamble went to the draft = bradberry. Soooo Jordan gross must be at the draft next year! :)
  5. Panthers Release Boykin

    Boykin MUST suck, according to the panthers. Cause this means shaq(tryout CB signed) and other Street FAs are better than him....... I know when the eagles traded him and Steelers Sat him, it was super suspicious both teams needed CBs. Knowing all that, I still thought signing him( at the cost) was a great move. Boykin was insurance, Dave just dropped him and said anyone is better. The public sure is missing the reasons why Three heavy need CBs teams want nothing to do with boykin.
  6. Panthers sign two draft picks

    Top dawg was PU, that's my best guess. Too many reasons why, both had similar sentence structure , like to start threads, top stopped posting when PU was shiiit posting.etc etc
  7. It was brown instead of matsko. I remember the press conference, when it was questioned why they chose Williams over thompson(I think bill voth) I was hoping they'd go for troy clemmings, but he'd been flagged for a knee injury by other teams. Funny cause both clemmings and Thompson where drafted by the Vikings. They cut Thompson and jags picked him up on their PS. All I heard about Thompson is hes one of those that has everything you want in a OT, but he's very lazy, doesn't care for football and not very smart. Almost the opposite of Williams far as the negatives, I doubt they want to bring Thompson into the family with his viruses.
  8. I want length everywhere- DEs, OTs, WRs, CBs, LBs hell I even want it at kicker!!! I love earl thomas as a player, but he's one small guy. If you're smaller than the punter or kicker, you got to be one beast of a player to make up for that. I have no idea if he had a legit injury or if he was hiding form being exposed. He could have known his times where sssssslow. Then to protected his draft stock and fake a hammy/leg injury.
  9. Peanut talks Panthers...glowingly

    I believe the team has moved on, unless their is a rash of CBs injuries midseason. Peanut is not currently healthy and will not be for some time. I do wish he'd reach the new CBs the famous peanut punch, pretty please!
  10. After i saw name after name picked, it looked like Bell was the last name standing for the panthers. What' if I told you guys this stuff-( taking in account bradberry is playing CB and Bell is playing safety). Bradberry is taller by 2+ inches, longer arms, stronger(get to that later) and weights about 12 LBs more. Who should be listed as safety and corner, now? Well what about the athletic times and numbers? That's very funny, cause it looks like Bell wanted a free vacation to Indy. While bradberry was busy doing all the combine drills, Bell was absent during all but bench-press..... Which they both did the same 16 reps, but given bradberrys arm length I'd say he is stronger. So did Bell have some sort of injury? He or his agent made it look like had one, so they opted not to do any drills. For some reason a "injury" popped up and he didn't compete against fellow DBs on a even playing ground. Maybe Bell needed allllllllllllllll that Ohio state talent in front of him to cover-up him being less athletic.
  11. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    Werid to see the huddle turn in to a bunch of top dawgs about Philly brown. I didn't get the memo about starting the early stages of bashing a UDFA that's given the panthers lots of snaps. Sure I want better players. If there's a better QB or MLB, I want them too. I'm all about competition too, so go gett'em Philly prove all the new tog dawgs wrong!
  12. Let's play pick two running backs

    Thats true. It's more than money, it's control. 2 more years at bare minimum, this is after the panthers wavie stew next year too.
  13. Let's play pick two running backs

    Most are missing the biggest deciding factor- contract. Wegner and CAP are under contract for around 500,000 per for the next three years. ( Wegner can be tendered) Fozzy only has one year leftd at 680,000. Unless cap and Wegner crap the bed, they are the answer. (Unless fozzy signs a 2yr 500k per extension). The kickoff rule changed again this year, now touch backs start at the 25. That makes fozzys ST value next to zero on returns. Webb, boykin, cap, wegner, Ginn, or token WR can take a knee or bring it to get similar results. I feel Wegner would be a beast on 4phrase STs, he needs to focus on learning the playbook. Cap has experience in the run option, he needs to focus on not fumbling. Panthers looooooove fozzy for somereason and I believe I found out why. Hes the lost love child of RB coach Jim Skipper....... Jokes aside, fozzy doesn't stay healthy either. I will say out of the three, fozzy is the better 3rd down RB. But toldozer is better than fozzy for 3rd, so there's that.
  14. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    Philly truly needs to learn how to fall or not fall at all. Nearly each time he caught a pass, he suddenly in the process of falling.... AND landing in a weird matter on his shoulder. Regarding his speed, they put a tracking device on each player. Among the players there's a big competition about who's fastest. Philly has gotten bragging rights a few times.