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  1. Mike Wallace expected to be cut

    Right now its money. Hes not worth 11+ million and its looking like the best way is straight cut.
  2. Matt Kalil to be cut?

    I want Matt Kalil. Currently the backups are Nate Chandler and frenchie, maybe big brother can have a huge difference. Matt had lots of injuries aswell, just getting fully heathly would do wonders.
  3. Mike Wallace expected to be cut

    Fairly sure you could goto rotoworld and click his player history. Rotoworld is gold mine for player news.   I've heard he's not a good route runner at all. Hes seem not to care about getting better and rather just run go routes. Plus doesn't care about film time.   So far as being a pain, I remember some noise about him being a diva, but that's a given.
  4. Mike Wallace expected to be cut

    I want the panthers to learn form green bay and Pittsburgh, draft WRs each year. Invest a mid round pick on a falling WR and become weathly at the WR spot. Plus you can pick and choose whom to resign and let walk. Plus its six deep position group nowadays, so you don't worry about numbers.
  5. DE targets for this draft

    So he gained 20 or so lbs this past season....? Things the make you go hmmmm. 
  6. 30th Pick

    Huuge fuller fan here. This is the rare time a injury helps if you're drafting late. Hes got top five skill, me personally don't think he'll make it pass 25 at worst.
  7. Big Boards

    I see no problem using a 1st on OT, I mean if Conklin or Decker are there run up and turn the card in. Doubtful either last, but there's talk of devalued @ LT. I mean look at the Superbowl and many other teams, they've run out slacks ones and still win. I still place LT at 3rd overall in want\need behind QB and Pass rusher. LT needs a multiple year solution. Who knows what Dave will do, I believe he first checks in with ohers' agent to see how much a 3-4 contract extension would run. I mean right now the backup is frenchie or chanlder, hope cams got good insurance. This needs needs to be addressed. I liked Jason spriggs more before the senior bowl. I caught a few practices and he like most OL had a bad time. Funny thing is those drills are heavily in DL favor. Plus that's a spot where coaching plays a ultra valuable role. Knowing his arm length and bench in at the combine with be key. He may pass on the bench.... Germain Ifedi count me as a fan. Whoever the OL coach is at a&m he knows how to make these boys look like pros. Last year I liked ogbuehi more than joeckel. They all come with great technique and each look great on film cause they're prepared well during the week before. Austin Johnson poor guy, last year near 1st rounder lock. Now I could see him falling to early 3rd. 1st round could easily have 15 DL picked before panthers turn. Some DL must fall, and Johnson could be one of them. I cannot comment on ward or oakman, I've only researched some the top guys.

    I foresee the same old, same old. Maybe a weddle\name safety signing, otherwise remain shopping at dollar tree.  
  9. Free Agent DB's

    I like prince more than Josh. Long term and short term.
  10. DE targets for this draft

    My main issue with nassib is he in a deep pool of DEs\pass rushers. No way have I watched all the tape, but I've came away very unimpressed. (Couple games in a drunken haze as well) I know he will interview well, I mean Im racist when it comes to certain spots as well. I just think he will have a hard time with NFL OTs. His movement is a big issue for me too, plus add to the fact he was walk-on. I always preferred players that big schools fough over. Walk-ons that triHard there way on the team and only have one year of goods, that's a tough sell for me personally. I pick on combine crap, but I will change my opinion if nassib moves fluid compared to the army of other DE\OLBs. I even want to compare his walk, yes his walking to others.
  11. Your Offseason

    My would be cold. First pull my shorts up....... Then give a honest thanks to each player that had a role in this epic season. Meet with stew, Johnson and Kalil. Inform each of the super contracts each received in the past and ask them to return the favor in new team friendly deals. If not, thanks for your service. Next Josh, see if still wants to be Richard Marshall. Inform him or his recent pass and try to reach a understanding at 4yr@40ish million. If not call some trusted friends( that will not talk) and gague his trade value, then tag & trade or let someone else pay a Cover3 CB 12+ million.   Do what I could to sign both star an KK, mainly KK. 100mill for KK if needed and 60 mill for star.  Talk with an and see if he's wants to stay or a chance at a starting job. Find a taker for a 3rd rounder. Then inform each FA the panthers will be going young. Bye toldozer, Allen, velsco, Tillman, cocthey, unless you're willing to sign a non- guaranteed one year vet min. Tell each if no others bites, remind them of signing after week one. Free agency remain in the dollar store, cause of the KK, star and maybe Josh deals. Unless Jeffery is available, which is not happening. Focus on DBs mainly CBs and backup OL. Remind frenchie this is his make or break year, no more baby sitting. Figure out STs coaching and punter. Resign jj unless he wants stoopid money. Norman will have to take a cheap deal and win the job against others.   Draft wise focus on DE, CB, OT, C/OG in that order. Follow the BPA philosophy and hope need matches want once it's our turn. Remind UDFA that form the last three years the panthers have added two udfas each year. If you show you belong, you get a 53 roster spot. Best 53 make the team. Go win the 51 Superbowl.
  12. Big Boards

    I know this much, this year's draft is better than last year's.   I believe this is creamy top 70ish draft. I like the chances that the panther will very good players at the end of top two rounds.    DL is nuts, everyone knows that. The small schools and divison II schools have some good ones that here being pushed til late rounds. I'll say that some drafted in the 5th -7th will end up giving teams heavy snaps as starters.   It's not a flashy draft class, its a meat potato class. LBs,DL, and whole OL are looking grrreat, whereas QB, WR, RBs(mius the top guy)and TEs look meh.
  13. DE targets for this draft

    Nice work blaze.   BUT, im not a nassib fan at ALL. I reverse the right to change my opinion in the future but right now I wouldnt touch him til fourth round. I mean it would depends on whos there in the panthers 3rd. I got him as a late 3rd early 5th pick. Hes my hump of this draft. Just too much other talent with upside.   Which bring me to Dodd, I got him as going before Lawson around 15th. Upside upside Spence is off my draft board, anytime a great player gets kicked off a big time college team. I think he's a big time player and surly will be a 1st, but I know the panthers will not be drafting him either. You have to murder/ rape someone multiple times to get kicked off. That guy let his teammates down and gave the school/coaching staff monster headaches. I don't want those types on my team.    Im veeeeeery curious about how's Lawson's knee rehab is going, cause I would not mind him in a panther jersey. It could lead to him fall down draft boards and benefit the panthers. Reguardless I believe there will be a few options at DT, DE,OT and CB(big fuller fan here) for the panthers at 30.
  14. Ezekiel Elliott

    20 years ago elliott would be the heavy favorite to be 1st overall, .005194% chance he lasted til 30th. If he interviews well and blows up pro&combine, I wouldn't to shocked to see him in the top 10. He almost there right now, BTW.
  15. Remember When We All Wanted DJ Humphries in 2015?

    Naw soul rebel, you know people only remember when they are right.....   Here's the most recent and beefest hump thread -  I pooped on hump in the beginning, in the middle and at the end when the hype train was insane (top 10 lololol). Plus any other thread about OTs, I pooped on him too. My opinion never changed, he was the 7/8 rated OT and basically a third rounder. My #1 OT was peat and follow very closely by 1a flowers, either did very good. I also said each would need some seasoning, but again I don't start judge til right now.