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  1. I cannot even comment, so the army of coaches, medical staff, and training crew want to purposely hurt cam.....Cause they don't "like" him...... This is some fake moon landing levels of tardness!
  2. With cam, bryd, and CJ getting surgeries... They should be put on the pup list, lowering the number form 77 to 74(i can maths). Enough for a full draft and undrafted haul. So maybe he doesn't trade come draft day.
  3. Since the panthers only sign about 8-10 undrafted players, they get in good some by spending time/workouts/vists. That helps come time to choose "panthers where the only team to show interest". That maybe why a few of those names are unknown.
  4. The reason for cowboys OL being the same, is cowboys used draft picks and Smith signed a GREAT 10 year 100 million contract years ago. 3 out of the 5 are on rookie deals, one is on a undrafted deal(Collins, the guy fell due a murder investigation). Doug free just retired too, he was the starting RT. KB do you plan on taking this data further?
  5. I did not at any part state this was science based fact. Simply said a good case case can be made. I don't know what caused the leap in brain power. Just around those same times fire was introduced. Eating cooked meat beats the hell of eating grass and leaves(while spending hours to collect). Then again you jumped over the mountain again in saying " brain needs animal protein to function" . I said properly function, my friend. You can put 87 in a high performance engine and it will work, but its runs so much better if you use 93. No need to misunderstand, given my statements don't fix your new brain-washed beliefs. I know my grammar and spelling cause eye bleeding, but don't twist my statements.You never answered my first questions either and didn't even comment about the lean meat vegetable eating group being taller, smarter, healthier, and more athletic than plant group. Since you never answer questions, heres another- Are you one of those that gos to restrautants with plant tupperware tubs?? Cannot order anything with the fear it touches butter or pan was used in cooking meat. But you feel the need to get out and eat among the normals like old times. Another for the road, once you made the change. Did you grab a giant trash bag and throw away all your non-plant based food? Hope you at least donated the "unhealthy" food and not add wastefulness to the a future guilt illness.
  6. True, I mean skip Bayless has made a career out being one. I don't know his angle.
  7. No laugh, but I did smile some at the replys( which was due to you making the thread). Good offseason thread.
  8. Do you consider work ethic a ability?
  9. Cookie is sacrificing herself for a humor attempt. Bless you!
  10. How would you rate cams season? Does he know everything about being a NFL QB? Can he not learn more?
  11. Youre asking the wrong person about using a draft pick on a special teamer. I'm mainly against it, takes a rare player to make a exception. I believe most of the long snappers, kickers and punters where undrafted, not 100% sure. I do agree if there is a true upgrade in the 5th, take him. I just member the mare/Medlock era and while gano struggled it can be worse.
  12. Like I told LG, he either isn't athletic or did not train hard for the combine. Agree though his tape is great, thatx a giant plus. But in order to cover up big issues, tape can only do so much.
  13. It's part of the formula, always has been. SPARQ just sums up the combine. Most thought cook would kill the combine, he did the opposite. Either he's not as athletic or very lazy for the biggest job interview.