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  1. MV%doe added a post in a topic what's the maddest you've ever been as a panthers fan?   

    Jake was 100% finished after the card game, but he was the emotional child of Marty hernia & fox.
    Crying during the waving process, showed they where too close to jake... Afterwards Mike holgem with the browns happily signed him to a similar awwwwful contract. I couldn't believe mike a QB guru did that.
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  2. MV%doe added a post in a topic Martin Wallace ... step right up?   

    Don't the crew have a policy now? That's how they found norwell, test players with starters/2s to see the results. I believe even Ron said something among the lines if not for giving norwell the opportunity, he wouldnt be on the 53. 
    Panthers did invest time in him, so they must see something. Arimti should be given a shot too, cause I know he's not a starting OG. Utility type is need, better than Nate chandler.
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  3. MV%doe added a post in a topic what's the maddest you've ever been as a panthers fan?   

    Too many... Suparowl stills hurts, 1-15 season that ended 0-15, I'm still heated about that Michael Vick superman move, other Vick being a video game char, joke delhommey cards game, rae curruth is maybe my maddest moment. I've been a little mad about recent choices for cheerleaders....
    I was VERY pissed during/after this years viking game. So mad I quit drinking and I'm a professional boozehound. Still rae curruth is tops for me.
    Edit*- forgot the entire 2010 season had too many to list. One of the worst offenses in history and conservative john fox didn't help.
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  4. MV%doe added a post in a topic Now that Martin has retired, will Gettleman sign a free agent OT?   

    youre forgetting the hofer martin Wallace......
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  5. MV%doe added a post in a topic Jonathan Martin Retiring from Football   

    According to fox reporter he injured his back while working a few days ago, but Joe per....... Never mind.
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  6. MV%doe added a post in a topic Jonathan Martin Retiring from Football   

    I sure put him in the 53..... He would have been a great swing tackle. He had exp at both RT/LT, plus talented enough to be a early second rounder.
    Now the French Canadian and Wallace Martin (UGHhhhh) are the main backups for LT. 
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  7. MV%doe added a post in a topic Ousted Saint Junior Galette's girlfriend takes to Twitter, hilarity ensues
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  8. MV%doe added a post in a topic Panthers Training Camp Tweets   

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  9. MV%doe added a post in a topic Seahawks offer Wilson $21M/year but Wilson wants more   

    21 is fair(lol), but I'd like to know the amount of signing bonus and guarantees.
    If signing is 20+ and guar is 50+, he should take the deal and be verrrrrrrry thankful.
    You can't win in this without a QB, IMO there are around 15 who can win suparowls, like it or not Wilson proved he is one. Granted to took the leagues best defense and running game, hes very lucky to land in best situation by far for a QB.
    I believe his main problem is his agent is trying to recoup money form years played on a third rounder contract. 
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  10. MV%doe added a post in a topic Saints release DE Junior Gallette   

    Reminder junior gallette was a team captain last year.

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  11. MV%doe added a post in a topic Give Our Panthers Some Training Camp Advice   

    All- Don't get arrested
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  12. MV%doe added a post in a topic Colts release Gosder Cherilus   

    Yea, I doubt he could pass a NFL physical. 
    Guys instead of the panthers picking up or needing a player at ___ , its the panthers whom teams are waiting on to release players. 
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  13. MV%doe added a post in a topic Saints release DE Junior Gallette   

    This just got real............ ER
    On twatter last night, either junior or his girl went off. Open books to saints locker room drama. Below is are few of shots fired after you translate 
    Marcus coldston - over hill has been
    Kenny stills- he gay
    Kenny varrco- he gay and led the league in missed tackles
    Drew brees- he's got a noddle arm and can't throw deep
    Shief- good player til he caught his wife getting rammed in 13
    Payton- shows up to meeting drunk and high on pills
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  14. MV%doe added a post in a topic Pain in the ass   

    In order to help, I have to overlook hawk being a hawk fan. Big men help other big men, its the rule. That trumps NFL fanhood....
    blackstrap molasses or regular . take about a teaspoon per day. I'm as skeptical as they come and normally laugh at 99% home "solution". Doesn't work for all, but hopes it helps you.
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  15. MV%doe added a post in a topic David Newton has Bersin, Foucault, Scott, Lester, Folkerts, and Teddy Williams for his 53 man roster cuts   

    Panthers have too many #45-53 types on the current roster. Problem is most are impossible to trade. I willing to state at least 5 ex-panthers will make other 53 man rosters. Dave is wrong about center spot, most teams carry 3. I think craveman is a near lock.
    My roster is simple 25 O, 25 D, and 3 SP. I've done these enough to learn, you make the mistake of always overlooking special teams. So if a backup DB/LB is better at STs, while the other backups are better at LB/DB..... Sometime you keep the lesser talent in order to boost STs. Age, money, and smarts are other big factors. Plus coaches have favorites, even if they swear they don't.
    I do feel this will be the best practice squad in panther history, so long it doesn't get picked dry though out the season. Practice Superbowl champs.......
    hes a 4 phase special teamed and ron loves him. He's the "Ooo SHIIT" backup to rb,fb,te,lb,ot. He's smart and know smany roles & playbooks. Remember how sad the ST where, that was in part to brockel being IR'd.
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