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  1. Charles Harris will be a top ten pick

    Heard that hes had two labrums injuries, new information to me and don't know if it's true.
  2. Bust Prospects

    This draft is full of injuried players and those with questionable off-field character.
  3. I member the "old" days of watching sportscenter at 7, then at 8 and then at 9.......
  4. Ive heard similar things. Allen, hooker, and Thomas "may"slid out of the top ten. DE/OLBs taking their spots, Reddick, Harris, Willis, QBs doing the pushing.
  5. AP To Saints

    Big get. I'd love if the Panthers got him for the same numbers. FYI Peterson is a freak in a league of freaks. He's like peppers, won the genetic pool. Top 1%.
  6. #neverforget

    Everyone missed the fact that herinay traded a first for brown!!! Panthers didn't have a first due to otah trade. But the genus that was herinay trade a 1st in a awful draft for the 43rd overall pick. He was against the gun after the peppers saga and tried to fix this by drafting a 6' 245lb "DE"..... Good god was he small for a NFL player. Cory Irvin Jesus talk about a reach. I know I blast many people's draft ranking, but 99% had Irvin as a undrafted prospect. He didn't even start on the bulldogs, viewed as their #4 DT. Once he got on the field, it showed why everyone had a undrafted ranking on him. I've said it before on here, give herinay and Dave a few years to build a team. Players 1-8 would be close maybe advantage herinay(wow he had 1st overall and 2nd after awful years....Picked cam and peppers easy) 9-25 advantage Dave. 26-53 Dave in a land slid. Practice squad Dave in another land slid. Dave in just 5 years found more undrafted than herinay did in 10. Herinay only found Fred lane, hooooooover(local guy), and a pig farmer.
  7. Turning 42 Today

    For the people in here asking about diet etc, I'll save you hundreds/thousands of dollars. Here's the deal- Setup a meeting with your doctor. Get the good, bad, and ugly. Adjust/fix your life first. Stress, drama, money problems need to be under control, so no issues arise during weight loss.(sometimes this fixes your weight problem too) Be honest. I know that's asking a lot, but it's needed. Now starts the weight loss. Simply put; smarter/healthier eating and move more. That's it. Honestly all it takes to get back in shape is 130 hours. That's it. Simple math one hour per day, 5 days a week, at 6 months you are in shape. Now alittle further, you can do the 130 how you seem fit. I couple of guidelines- don not exceed 2 and a half but more than 45 minutes of training per exercise. That does not include looking at your phone, talking to Bros, scratching your arse. Actual heart pumping is the time. You can do two different workouts per day, just don't go over 5 total hours. Again less overall eating, read ALL labels, be smart/honest, and put in a legit 130 hours of movement. That's all folks. Now send your Paypal money to [email protected]
  8. Turning 42 Today

    Congrats, getting off meds is HUGE. Murcia runs on drugs, another giant problem for us. Uppers to get though the day, downers at night to forget the day. Please continue to get regular doctor visits!
  9. Cam at Coachella

    Cam looking just like lebron, when he got off the juice.
  10. 2017 Fanspeak

    CBS ranking. Covered many needs with want players. Clark and Scott are my goto late rounders. I can not turn down Harris is the second, I got him as a top ten player. Maybe my last one, cannot do better than this. http://fanspeak.com/ontheclock/draft.php?d=gqwecq 8: R1P8 RB LEONARD FOURNETTE LSU 40: R2P8 EDGE CHARLES HARRIS MISSOURI 64: R2P32 WR ZAY JONES EAST CAROLINA 98: R3P34 OT ANTONIO GARCIA TROY 115: R4P8 S MARCUS MAYE FLORIDA 152: R5P8 EDGE TANOH KPASSAGNON VILLANOVA 192: R6P8 WR ARTAVIS SCOTT CLEMSON 233: R7P15 CB JEREMY CLARK MICHIGAN
  11. If not, very shortly afterwards, he'll be selected. All by myself on this prediction.
  12. I agree, after that 2015 there's no other QB I wanted. Then 16 happened and now I have too many questions . hope for the best
  13. That's the other side of his greatest treat, running the ball and get punished. Can New era cam be a pocket main, I hope so. Now Defenses don't have to game plan for cam running, that's huge. Along with the OTs, Shula,RR, and Dorsey.....I'm butt tight
  14. I did see for the first time, cam use a floater rather than his fastball. Like I said barely any improvement... Footwork still a mess, ball placement still inconsistent, using his core far too much, overall mechanics, his still gets too many balls batted form poor release mechanics, using his fastball unnecessarily 99% of the time, eyes got worse after 2015, getting the ball out faster. etc etc. I know OL didn't help, still you cannot rely on that 2015 OL giving 5 secs per play either.
  15. Be honest if you watch his record breaking rookie year and this past year, how much has he improved?? Barely any. I understand he's not 70% dink and dunker, but he's still getting by on what made him Roy. Shula needs tar'd and feathered plenty, but ken dosey is not getting the job done. Whether he doesn't havethe sac to discipline or simply can not reach/teach cam, idk. I know cam gets the LeBron treatment here and the whole org is scared to upset king cam. Again not asking for cam to turn robot, but after several years it's past time to see a improvement in all things QB. Given he's not going to be a "running" QB anymore, thats a giant change for all. I'm very considered.