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  1. MV%doe added a post in a topic 2015 Carolina Panthers Final Roster Projection   

    Wegher >> todman
    Backup LB > Amini Silatolu. I'm just not a amino fan, he had plenty time to show his worth.  
    Health doesnt make it, keep jones and another FS to cover the spot.Its unfair without knowing how injured folkerts, jones, star, And brandon williams are. 
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  2. MV%doe added a post in a topic Colin Jones' miraculous overnight recovery from seemingly season ending groin injury   

    This is a big lost. Also this locks teddy Williams on the 53, given he's the only other true gunner.
    Jones worth is made up by 3 or 4 players. I had frank as the starting DE and jones was a starter last year. Next men up....
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  3. MV%doe added a post in a topic Where is our power rushing game?   

    Insert token preseason shula comment.
    Truly rewatching game -I've been disappointed with turner and norwell, especially turner. Both are simply not "winning" or missing the assignment.
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  4. MV%doe added a post in a topic We Absolutely Have To Stop Over Hyping UDFA's   

    Zod on seppuku watch.......
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  5. MV%doe added a post in a topic Don't forget the 2013 J.Boykin   

    GB head coach mike gushed about boykin...some even thought he was mikes' fav player. Then 2014 happen and boykin stayed a FA well into the period. 
    He still looks slow, to me bersin, cotchery, and boykin are the same type of player with small differences.
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  6. MV%doe added a post in a topic Trading 1st round picks   

    Pressure, diamond like.
    Hurniay needed to fix/replace peppers, but both he fox needed to have back-to-back winning seasons. Hurniay gambled on the "one player away theory". Oath was needed for power running team, just happen not to work cause he got waaaaay out of shape during a injury period. Then you start to look at the millions in bank and forget about football.
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  7. MV%doe added a post in a topic Dean Marlowe - a UDFA who is under the radar?   

    Giants will claim him.
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  8. MV%doe added a post in a topic Dean Marlowe - a UDFA who is under the radar?   

    Great PS project player, hope no claims him. I expect 3-5 claims, panthers should have one hell of a PS...... Which means supar owl!!!
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  9. MV%doe added a post in a topic We only have one issue.. Remove Brown from the roster and we are legitimate contenders.   

    Troll on pu troll ON!!!
    Best thread maker since he triggers all the huddle, except for the smart ones.
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  10. MV%doe added a post in a topic So which team picks up Wegher?   

    He must make the team, he's the #2 best RB here. His problem is not knowing the playbook and biltz pickup...
    He has to make the team, gross put him on his show. Gross has to have insight and wouldn't waste time with a cut RB. That's my theory......
    Panthers must look in the future, weghers' is bright!! 
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  11. MV%doe added a post in a topic Bersin over Boykin   

    The main reason why bersin is favored over boyin, is bersin competely knows the playbook ( even OL/TE parts)and he plays STs. Many forget, but bersin is the longest tenure WR here. Not saying I agree with coaches favoring bersin, but they trust him more same for cam. Cam loves him ssome bersin, that's one of his "guys".
    Side bar- is Olsen and Dickson faster than cotchey, bersin, and boyin? I believe so, which is very sad. Panthers have three of a kind, the slow can't get space kind.
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  12. MV%doe added a post in a topic How safe is Tolbert?   

    Disclamier- I have a soft spot in my cold heart for big bruising backs ie christian okoye
    Tolbert took around 5 million less to sign here, that still carries weight. 
    I will say some players change after getting their first big injury, shocking to me that seems to be whats happen to tolbert. I'm still a tolbert fan, just wish he was pre-injury toldozer.
    Lastly his fit with current play is a issue. Panther run read option, tolbert is awful at that. He isn't a good true fullback either. In past he made up for that by being a bowling ball, along with being a above average pass catcher. 
    He looks in great shape too, but that will fool you sometimes.
    I don't really know, where I stand with tolbert. I never overrate preseason for proven vets. It would be much Easyier if this was pre-injury 2012/3 toldozer.
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  13. MV%doe added a post in a topic Yeah, it's only the preseason, but....   

    Truly look at the first half of both games, where 1 and some 2s are playing. Webb and 3s save the record.
    Best way to watch this season preseason games is - DVR the whole game, then fast forward to the start of the 4th enjoy!
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