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  1. Phil living in 90s.   The Knicks just had the worst year in their history with phil running the show. Isn't so easy without a couple all-world players among with a few great role players that know their role. Nah, just keep believing in the 80s triangle offense and trashing the three pointer. I bet phil still uses a typewriter and calls form pay phones aafter his modelT  breaks down.
  2. Hornets Can't Escape Mediocrity

    Best article I've never seen on hornets. It refreshing to see a picec like this that isn't copy pasted 20 times form 10 different writers. Love the truth in it, it hurts too.
  3. The Best Draft in Hornets History

    Since the bobcat til now, what's the best pick during that span??   I tried to think ofof a answer, but got super sick and passed out. So disregard this question....
  4. We signed Aaron Harrison

    First lin, now Harrison!!!!!!! NBA finals here we come!!!1!1!1!
  5. Kantor signs max deal with Portland

    This is what happens when you have lots of cap space and no wants to sign with you. Big al came here in this fashion ......
  6. Just Watch

    I'll stir the pot some....   Who had the better season last year mo Williams or kemba walker??? Or say they both had a FULL off season with the hornets and played in 80 games. Who would have better results is stats, wins, etc etc.
  7. Aaron Harrison Summer League

    Guys summer league means 99% of these guys will be see a NBA roster.   That said no problem with him being the 14/15th guy on the team.
  8. Logjam in the backcourt

    Nah, seem like a good number. I'd even like adding another SF that can hit threes.
  9. Jeremy Lin signs with hornets

    Not bad, not bad at all.   Like lance deal, I praised the Roberts signing too..... Ugggghhh maybe its team or some werid deal about hornets. 
  10. I havnt, but I'm not going to bitach.   The only thing I like about frank is he piss off the other team. In a sense of showing respect, frank had that effect on teams that played against him. They pratice , got coached up, and read the scouting reports on how to stop frank, cause if you did that greatly increased your chance to win. It rarely happened and it pissed off the team that a goofy white boy took them to school.    
  11. C90 at the end hit on the value of this deal.   2nd round picks main value in today's NBA is its worth around 1 million. Truthly Boston's 28th first rounder is worth less than 31st overall pick. Teams know the players so well these days, very very few surprises. Late round first results the talent pool is dry, so you're stuck paying a bench warmer millions for three or so years. Its a waste of cap space and roster space.   Checkout the current FA market, its flooded with guys you know can give you solid minutes for the same cost. Of course there are rare expections, like the spurs drafting great late in the draft. That was also a few years ago too. Lastly I'd be super leary of trading for east coast picks. You may think you're getting a lotto pick, but any team could go on a run and make the playoffs. Imo after the 14th pick in this years draft their was no/very little difference(talentwise) between the next 40 picks. Except you're on hook for more money in the first.   So if Boston did offer 3-6 picks starting at #4, everyone else knew they where worthless in a sense. They don't fix problems they create more problems. 
  12. Kevin Love anyone?

    Are the guys not already up against the limit? Adding crashs 8 mill would unleash the tax nazis. It would add further insult to missing the playoff too.
  13. Hezonja or Bust...

    But but hes ....well you know........... Im willing to overlook his pigment cause the game looks legit. Unlike adumb morrison tears or the big hardynot handsome game. He scores and believes he's #1, so long that not cockyness . Score at will bruh, we need someone that can score. Not getting my hopes up those, I think he's gone before #9, I'm almost calling it a 100% lock he's gone before 9. Only chance is moving up, which depends on the price.
  14. Hornets Acquire Jeremy Lamb

    Wow this helps make up for the talent trade off in the lance deal. Sure lance was a tumor, but he was a talented one. Hawes and lamb is much better than hawes&barnes. This is where cho shined in the pass, this is more like the cho I want running the team..... now if he could just fix the drafting part....
  15. Batum to Charlotte for Vonleh, Henderson

    I'm going full madden tard here..... Since about 2005 I've placed # 1-3 each year in a just about all fantasy bball leagues I enter, which is waaay too many. Batum is a fantasy managers dream. He's a stat stuffing machine across all categories. He had a awful year this pass season, true in using his measuring stick. Still this a gamble that could end very bad or very good. Last years team, well most here saw the terrible results in a weak eastern league. Cho is at least trying to shake things up, cause we know what doesn't work. Lance didn't, henderson shooting 3 didn't, young buck confused on the court didn't. ....... we'll see in due who got the better of this trade. Imo cho took a needed risk and got a prime ak-47, Marion, or iggy type that will not be playing 3/4 fiddle in the scoring department. All he gave up was another one year player that was very replaceable and a young guy who may or may not be a player tie AFTER his rookie deal is up. Yes it sucks, about the one year contract. Bird rights are super valuable these days.