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  1. NFL Scout page has us taking

    Verge what did your guy say this about this year? It's about draft time, bruh....
  2. Day prior out on a limb round 1 mock

    Solid. Bungals is too far of a limb for me. They spend a 2nd(I believe) on a MLB last yr, burit will ready after 3 games too.
  3. Less than 48 hours, thoughts

    Artie burns will be a first.
  4. Bob is man for draft nuggets, has been for awhile.
  5. DeAngelo Williams Tweets he loves dude sex

    Can he cook tho???
  6. He'd be hard to pass up....... I believe he's still getting over his terrible injury and may have more upside than thought.
  7. I don't know about you guys, but dating young females is a absolute joke in terms of cooking. Nope of these ladies know how to cook at all. Plus utlra basic car maintenance, ie checking oil..... " what's that?!?!?!, there's a stick in car...ewwwww!!!" The only thing these young females are good at is starting at their phones. I've reached the end point of this, and thinking about becoming gay so I don't have to deal with. Please no one ruin my future plan and reveal that gays stare at their phones like zombies too.......
  8. Your final predictions (#30)

    Keanu Neal
  9. LG, I feel you need to add a few thoughts to your reasoning. You are right in your statements above, why is that? OSU did not throw the ball at all, for starters. That as you know will greatly limit your WR stats. Well why didn't they throw?.... They roaded Elliot like the work horse he is and he also caught a few passes further limiting the production of WRs\TEs. Its like the opposite of seeing a college WR with 95 recs, then you watch gameplay and see over half where bubble screens..... Fake\fraud recs\stats. Now I'm no draft expert, but I'm more right than wrong. I drove the hype bus for KB, while over 70% hated him here. This year's draft has been the hardest ever in terms of who's better. Especially for DBs and WRs. In the beginning I only had Treadwell as the only WR in my top 32(verge thread in draft forum). After a few weeks it became clear doctson was the best WR in this class. After that is just like the CBs, 2-8 players could easily be #2 WR. In the end I put Michael Thomas as the next best WR, he is my final talent in my top 32. Both he and Millar are verrry difficult to rank due to the limited opportunity each received. But I came away a fan. Not idea what type draft will unfold, what spots will be run on, will many teams feel they can wait on DL cause it's so deep or the opposite, trades, what's positions are overrated by media\GMs or underrated, etc etc. So if their a giant run on DL, no keanu Neal, no OTs, no CBs worthly..... Thomas could\should be play.
  10. Less than 48 hours, thoughts

    55 different players could be first round picks. First 14 will be(in no order) Geoff Wentz Tunsil Stanley Elliot Lloyd- rumors of him going 5th overall Bosa Rankings Lynch- top ten due to him being a QB. Jack Conklin- rumors of him going in top ten. Buckner Ramsey Hargraves I believe this as a group, are the best GMs in the history of the NFL. Fewer talented players will fall/slip down the boards. Second round will be the most exciting. Four tiers in talent. 1-4 5-14 15-20 21-55 Keanu Neal will be the panthers pick, if he's available ........
  11. Let's talk about safeties

    I post a few weeks in the draft forum and stated keaun Neal will be the pick. I don't agree, cause I don't put high value on safety spot(unless Ed Reed). Regardless I don't make the call, the panthers as group do. What they want in a draft pick (currently on and off-field), keanu Neal has the most of "it". If you had a checklist with 20 boxes, Neal would have 19 green check marks. If he's on board, hes the pick.
  12. This isn't a dank huddle meme, but there's about 55, yes 55 players that could go in the first. Ogbah is in the group, closer to the end than the front. Hes in the 20s on my list. Anytime you have a man thats very coachable AND hard working.... I can support him. Tier are like this 1-4 5-13 14-20 20-55 Ogbah is in the last group.
  13. Paxton Lynch to the Saints?

    The hot noise currently is Lynch going in the top ten....... Unreal. I don't agree, but I believe he will go in the top ten.
  14. Fanspeak draft simulator

    Ramasy!?!?!?!?! Josh Norman who? Blaze save the link, so you can post it next time. You cleaned up each round, congrats! Willie is always there in the 5th and worth it even if a OT was picked before. Hes what I call goto picks. If ________ doesn't fall, find the goto pick. Booker seems to be in third saftey too, I like him at third better than bama Henry in the2nd. I may retire cause, I'm not going to top my last ultra unrealistic draft.