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  1. I'll reserve judgement until all the cards are on the table, and if he's guilty I hope he gets the punishment he deserves.
  2. He's a textbook case of a Napoleon Complex. I only made it about 56 seconds because he was just way too antagonistic and aggro for no reason.
  3. You guys don't want the kid because an anonymous scout said he can't cook? I don't want him either but c'mon.
  4. It was great to see him get going. He's had a really rough go at it on average this year, which obviously isn't all on him. He's welcomed CMC with open arms and the guy really is a pro through and through. We're a different animal when Stew is beasting. This is the perfect time for him to rev up.
  5. JNo not happy could he come back?

    We should welcome Josh back with open arms if the possibility presents itself. He really deserves a lot of credit for the swagger we had on D in 15. I think he'd be ecstatic to play for Wilks, who hopefully would still be here in that case, because Wilks is the one who helped polish him into a diamond. Yes.
  6. I thought the Vikings would take this one but I was pleasantly surprised today. Stewart really brought it. I don't think anyone could have predicted that. I'm just happy we won because we really needed that dub.
  7. If he learns to use his size a bit more I think he can turn out to be more like Alshon.
  8. Rhodes will nullify Funchess. Vikings are familiar with Kalil and Everson will most likely beat him like a drum. I think Olsen gets into the flow a bit but I don't trust our offense enough to keep pace in the end. 23 - 17 Purple.
  9. Straight up. I mentioned in a thread last season that Bradberry needed to improve against the run and the homers were trying to argue with me. It's clear as day. That's another reason we miss Norman.
  10. I like this Ramsey kid. He has that prototypical lockdown corner attitude and obviously has the skills to back it up. To answer the question though, Bradberry has shown some skills in patches, but I don't think I've heard him speak. Ever.
  11. Thielen is having a great season, and our secondary is not. Diggs is a beast too. We'll need plenty of offense to put these guys down.
  12. Anyone can beat anyone on a sunday. Just the way it goes. But to answer the question I think Philly is a very good team. Seattle may not be at full strength but it's tough to beat em in the clink.
  13. We've lost to 3 teams

    Vikings are a very good team. Thielen, Diggs (who actually isn't having a great year but is still a really good wr), Rudolph, Murray, Mckinnon. Rhodes will probably take Funchess out of the equation for the most part, so we'll need our WR2/3 need to step up, whoever that ends up being. We'll need big games from Olsen and McCaffrey.