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  1. The rich get....

    I'm not here to argue. I still smell bullshit and that won't change.
  2. The rich get....

    I still smell bullshit. I doubt a large belligerent black man saying fug you when confronted by a cop would get let off so easily.
  3. The rich get....

    None of this makes sense. Which makes it hard to believe. If he actually did this and a cop witnessed it, then why wasn't Bennett arrested on the spot? There is a slight chance I'm wrong but it smells like bullshit
  4. Not gonna lie, I wanted Wallace more than anyone initially. That's a good deal for the eags. We wouldn't have gotten close to that deal imo. Spoils of being champs. I do like the guys we got though. I really think we need to sign a TE2 at this point.
  5. Staying healthy. Good situational football (looking at you Rivera). Not playing down to lesser teams.
  6. NFL coaches now have 2 full seasons of his tape and tendencies. We still play in a tough division with great receivers. He still needs to get better in run support. I'm optimistic but I think a slightly better version of last season is a fair expectation. He could bust his ass and really put it together and become a lockdown guy though, because he has the tools. Washington's defense may be more of a match to his skillset than Wilks' blitz heavy scheme so that could help. I guess that's a long winded way to say I don't know and we'll see.
  7. Lewis is definitely the best option left, imo.
  8. He reminds me more of a Randall Cobb/Eddie Royal. But sure hands on 3rd down I can definitely see a similarity in that respect.
  9. These guys kill me "taking to twitter" with every little emotion they feel. Very poor character by Worley.
  10. Exactly what I was gonna say. We've had time for an insurance plan. Chances are 50/50 that Greg will ever be the same elite guy if he returns anyway. No malice towards him though, I totally get it.
  11. I like Willson and he can ball, but the potential in Ebron is off the charts so I would prefer him. I'm optimistic a change of scenery and coming back to the Carolinas will benefit him. He did show flashes in Detroit so if he can lock in the dude could be a monster in the near future.
  12. Hurney giving us more D. I ain't mad at it. I really wanted to push for the Badge but I honestly can''t complain because Marty is putting in work.
  13. Harmless ribbing. You have to remember its usually a bunch of younglings running these accounts. Panthers twitter millennial operator should rib em right back..
  14. It would be a dream come true. Huge fan of his. If the Panthers pulled this off somehow I would go ham.
  15. Willson isn't flashy, but he can ball and I'm all for bringing him in.