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  1. No reason for the ACL tear comment.
  2. I don't have an opinion on Tepper because I don't know much about him. I'm just glad the sale is done.
  3. Quoted for accuracy. It's really detrimental and sometimes is so egregious that it negates his good qualities as a coach.
  4. Mojo

    CJ Anderson Film Breakdown

    He's a truck for sure. Got to see a lot of him on local games in Cali.
  5. Mojo

    Division Rivals 1st Picks

    I didn't watch the draft and pretty much just checked our pick last night. I had no idea Falcons got Ridley. Wow.
  6. This. Close the thread.
  7. No way you pass up on Saquon there. No one is proven at the NFL level yet but he's got a very good chance of being a great player.
  8. Smitty was high on Cooper Kupp last year and he was one of the best rookie receivers last year. I like the pick.
  9. I like this. I'd rather have a guy who's had to fight and claw his way to the top. That chip on his shoulder doesn't sound like it's disappearing anytime soon. That's exactly the kind of guy you need in a huddle. If he puts it together on the field with that attitude he'll do good things.
  10. I personally don't mind it. I don't watch college football or the talking heads on tv so it's interesting to see different perspectives. I end up doing my own research from there.
  11. Mojo


    Talk that talk Aggie!
  12. I think you're preaching to the choir for the most part. A TE2 would be a good idea too.
  13. Josh still got that swag on a mil...we need that.
  14. I hate it for him, but you can't do stupid things and not have consequences.