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  1. They need to go ahead and let Jalen & Jacoby shine. Everyone else is leaving. I never liked Dilfer on TV anyway. Way too spastic.
  2. Good read on UDFA WR Keyarris Garrett

    Love this...loveee it
  3. I feel good about our offense.. any team, any position group can get the injury bug at any time so if these are the guys they wanted, I'm with it. KB, Funch, Ginn, Stephen Hill, Philly, Byrd, Bersin possible free's gonna be some comp in that room.
  4. He's like a Corner version of Martavis Bryant.. This is deja vu. Notwithstanding the other corners we drafted, we picked up an athletic corner with dreads in the fifth round of the draft. Hmmmm can't help but like it.
  5. I'm not interested in watching that much tape. Then again I don't grab a pitchfork and I trust the people who know what they're doing.
  6. Most definitely..I've believed for quite a while that Wilks and Proehl are two of the most important reasons for our success.
  7. Well I'm not gonna freak out so...guess I must be..
  8. I've never heard of the guy and I know it's a a reach but for some reason feel pretty good about it.
  9. AJ Hawk Released

    He's better in a 3-4, and he's not that good anymore
  10. My friends and I have done worse.. I remember in college my best friend would be flying up i40 at 2 am with his lights off going a buck 10. Kids are stupid.
  11. Thanks 24. Good luck.
  12. Josh Norman - 6'0 FT 195 LBS 4.66 40

    Nailed it.
  13. I did my googles... I think this is the guy.