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  1. Not so sure I'd say ignorance. Shula has been great this year but Wade Phillips exploited our offense last night and we lacked the ability to adjust appropriately on the fly.  Some , not all, does lie on the oc
  2. Running up the gut is a good way to attack but it was entirely too telegraphed. Every first down almost.  No screens. Not sure if i saw a dig or quick out. Very few slants. Needed more variety and adjustment.  Devin made a great catch then was underutilized until Philly got hurt.  We need to upgrade ed Dickson and Mike remmers. 
  3. That image of Josh Norman crying

    Yeah I'm pretty sure we all agree there.
  4. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    Cam has to eat it, internalize it, come back stronger and take no prisoners.
  5. Cam's "I got this" nod in the Giants game.  I'll never forget it.    
  6. I agree. I didn't hear it or pay attention initially. Talib is an asshole. They shouldn't have been in such close proximity anyway. Stupid idea
  7. The media seems to get it

    Talib is such an ass.    They should give the sb losers until the next day to do their conferences honestly
  8. That image of Josh Norman crying

    This breaks my heart but Norman and Ealy were gods amongst insects last night. He deserves to be here. His personality and talent is a huge part of our defense
  9. WHOAAAAA. If someone really asked that then smh.  I don't blame him at all if that's the case.   
  10. Cam pouting at the podium

    Well I am relaxed and was when I made the previous post. Listen.  I said nothing about him having to slobber or drool over the opposition.  If you took offense to me suggesting Cam should have sucked it up and exited the press conference once it was completed, then that's on you.  I made an assessment without any vitriol or incendiary language whatsoever.  That last sentence should have clued you in to how I feel about Cam.  Be that as it may, he shouldn't have walked out of the conference.  Sorry if that angers you or rubs you the wrong way.  
  11. We dominated in every phase of the game

    We win that game in bizarro world.  We got schmacked.  And they won special teams so there's no way we dominated every phase.
  12. Cam pouting at the podium

    relax buddy.
  13. Cam pouting at the podium

    Stop being apologists for this.  Cam is a leader.  He's the MVP.  It's very hard to lose and I know everyone in that locker room is hurt but you've got to suck it up and walk out with grace.  He should not have walked off and anyone supporting that is misguided.  This is coming from a cat that loves Cam and daddy Cecil too.
  14. We dominated in every phase of the game

    We definitely did not dominate every phase of the game. 
  15. Shula has improved no doubt.  But in this game he certainly regressed to the Shula that none of us can stomach.  I think his butthole was clenched a little too tight.  Too much in his head and not flowing with the game at all.  It's hard to be successful while seemingly resisting change in a war of inches.