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  1. Matt Ryan getting pummeled by a Johnson. 11-0 LEGGO!
  2. The dab will be worn out pretty soon and Cam will move on.  Now that newscasters and anchormen are dabbing that pretty much is the beginning of the end
  3. It clearly said "START OFF" in the slot.  He does need snaps though and now is the time to get them.  Limited snaps of course.  They know what they're doing at this point so at least be happy they took action on a deficiency.
  4. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

      If anyone's interested.
  5. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    Thanks for posting this.   I saw a documentary on him a few years back and I came away from it liking the guy.    At this point in the game I doubt Rivera or Gettleman would sign off on a guy who would be detrimental to the locker room.  People forget it was Gettleman who let Smitty walk because of reported locker room issues.  These guys know what they're doing.  In this locker room with so many strong leaders he will be fine regardless.   I'm pretty sure he's very thankful to be scooped up by a SB contender whose franchise just happens to be hours from his childhood home.
  6. And then there was juan...

    And along came thread after thread saying the exact same thing. But i like the way you did it.  Juan Rivera Charles Juanson You Juan the internet tonight.  Now on to the next Juan.     
  7. Sunday night game thread

    As a football fan this is a hell of a game.
  8. Rivera is a former player, so I think he understands the importance of momentum and flow. I'd support whatever decision but I like it.
  9. I'm glad you posted this.   Anyone who's been on a team before can somewhat sympathize with the way these guys feel about each other after going to war together for years.
  10. Someone make me a Dave Gettleman T-shirt

    That would be really back alley and borderline disrespectful to throw a respected NFL GM on a tshirt without any permission whatsoever, but good luck with that.
  11. Devin Funchess Speed

    He plays fast. I don't care about 40 times. The way he comes out if his breaks is very very good. Especially for his size and length. Now that he's consistently catching the ball he's dangerous. 
  12. Watching first take (skip Bayless)

    He just responded to Josh.  Ate his crow publicly and gave props to Josh and Cam as well.
  13. A hot take from the Patriots message board