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  1. UA just dropped the UA C1N Line

    I wish they would do a cross training/running version of those black and gold cleats and my money would be theirs in 7 seconds flat.
  2. Josh killin em just like Boogie
  3. Cam is stylin on them hoes..whew
  4. Keep Pounding Drum

    I'm truly puzzled as to why anyone in this fanbase would be disappointed with the decision.  True fan and born winner who's dominating at the highest level.  
  5. Stephen A. Smith

    College park is a suburb but it's definitely not 'the suburbs'.  No one said he grew up dirt poor but College park ain't all roses bruva.  As far as 'college educated', there are people in Compton and Watts with college educations.
  6. Cecil was fly as hell up there.  Cam is a chip off the old block.
  7. Honestly, it was how we bounced back from the Atlanta loss.  We figured out that our personality and edge are powerful, powerful assets.  That's when I had unwavering confidence as far as Superbowl expectations.
  8. I Disappointed Cam Newton

    It's all good you still get points for that Cookie Dough
  9. I Disappointed Cam Newton

    I don't get it. But Taraji P is fine asf.    
  10. Stephen A. Smith

    I don't know why anyone is surprised.  It's annoying but in this SB50 race was obviously going to be brought up.  As much as I respect Wilson (SB QB), to the general public, he's not as 'black' as a guy like Cam Newton is at the QB position because RW is squeaky clean and proper (I'm not saying it's right and I don't agree with it).  Kaepernick is mixed. Cam represents College Park, ATL.  From someone that's been there he inspires a whole new archetype.   White America (mainly in the media) is more threatened by a guy like CamGoHam.  Again, I don't agree with these judgements but it's just the way it is.  It's time now for him to go win the Superbowl or it certainly won't be the last time race is brought up on a media tangent, especially if we plan to be contenders for the foreseeable future.  
  11. Stephen A. Smith

    Have a snickers man.
  12. Mzee Peyton Manning

    wow, lol