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  1. Trent Dilfer after MNF

    Dullfer has the distinction of winning the most boring Championship in the history of the NFL. a win is a win, but just imagine if Ray Lewis had been charged for aiding And abetting to murder?
  2. Saints week Part Deaux

    have we even seen our players on astr-turf yet? How sweet is it going to be to watch how our defense and our speedy players flying around in the dome?
  3. Motivation from Bucky Brooks

    haterade...the truth is that our team is still improving and who knows how good we'll be once Funchess an Shaq et rolling and our injured players recover...
  4. #3 Scoring... QB, Offense, Defense

    Getting an early lead is paramount for our team's true philosophy...up until this year, we havent been scoring in our opening drives. Our defense is dependent on our offense to keep our defense rested up at the end of our games, especially considering all the injuries that have dampened our depth  
  5. 49ers Alex Boone rips the NFL officials

    I thought the NFL addressed the officiating by adding another official for every game...but they just made it worse and more inconsistent.  This has been the worst year of officiating I can remember since the lockout and I can't believe that the Panthers are still undefeated in spite of how biased the officials have seemed to be in many of our games.  Something needs to be done.
  6. Seattle is the 2nd best team in the NFC

    I think you might possibly be underestimating the suck tirade of Pittsburgh's defense.  I would actually take the Panther's WR corp over Seattle'a and our guys are only getting better.
  7. Sunday NFL game chatter....

    Yeah, but that Pitt defense is hot garbage. 
  8. David Newton: Rivera will not rest starters

    We need all the experience and chemistry we can get for Funcchess, the OL and Shaq besides keeping the team on their collective toes. not to mention we are still having hick-ups with our special team's coverage. 
  9. Panther's should fear Bucs

    Aaaaand Meathead Billick enters the room and starts a conversation about one of the best 2-teams in the league...oh boy. 
  10. Dear Mr. Ryan - from a concerned Carolina Dad

    Whatever it is, it's quite disturbing and I can't un-see whatever it is that I just saw. maybe she ate a long-haired miniature daschound?
  11. Could we lose Shula and McDermott?

    I don't see anyone going anywhere until the Panthers bring home a Lombardi Trophy.  Big cat can always throw out incentive-based salaries if $ is a deciding factor.
  12. Matty Ice is melting....

    are the Vikings that intimidating? Matt looks like he's a deer caught in the headlights. It's bizarre.
  13. Panthers cut long snapper Aiken

    Amino was finally starting to pay off after being useless due to injuries since he was drafted.  Maybd we need to sing a different tune about Amini? Regardless, we need some more Gettlemagic.
  14. Panthers cut long snapper Aiken

    Do we still have Foulkert(sp) on the PS?
  15. The old adage about football is that "football is a game of inches." Our Panthers are the epitome of this truth. 3rd and 4, while eating up minutes off the clock is what this team is all about.  Yeah, we have a bunch of "no-name" receivers on our team, but they are quite complimentary possession receivers that are great at keeping the chains moving. also, no one really talks much about our reverse handoffs to Ginn that even though we run it once a game or every couple of games, it almost always moves the chains. Our receivers have really blossomed as run blockers as well and I don't think they get enough credit for blocking.