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  1. Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    We've been playing with proverbial band-aids for half of our DBs and if you really wanna call our team as being "blown-up," it should be stated in terms of improvement across our backfield.
  2. Carolina Panthers Top 3 Offseason Priorities

    There's little doubt that Stewart spearheaded our offensive rushing attack and because he's missed so much time over the years, due to injury, I feel he's still got some decent tread on those tires.  Having stated that, he's gonna be gone after next season regardless and we need a feature back that is as diverse as our play calling demands. Wether the answer is on our roster or not is the big question and this draft would be the optimal draft to get that feature back that we need.  I still think there's plenty of room to improve on our OL, DB and at DE. DB especially needs upgrades across the board.
  3. So what about Antonio Gates

    He's definitely an upgrade over Dickson, but he's gonna sign somewhere at a premium and I don't know how efficient he is at blocking. i just can't see him coming here to be a blocker, which is what we need.  I really like Gates but we need upgrades in other key positions than backup TE. 
  4. 22 hours and counting... unreal season...
  5. The current record this team has will be a tall order for any team, whether they are better or not. I mean, what did the '85 Bears that the '86 team didn't?  Im not expecting an undefeated season next year, but if we have the same basic roster with KB, Bene' and the rest being healthy, I'm thinking next year's squad could be even more formidable.  But I hear what you're saying. This will be a special team in Panther fan's hearts and mindsforever, no doubt. I just don't think this team has peaked, not even if they win the Championship.
  6. I just don't think we've seen the best football from this team that we will see.  Of course I'm hoping that tomorrow is that day. But bringing back a healthy Bene', KB, peanut and a full-year of health from the rest of the guys that have missed games this year...not to mention giving the rookies another year of improvement...we're looking at a dynasty whose best may still be in the future.
  7. Cam Newton and Panthers cards are hot on eBay

    I'll bet that other kid is still kicking himself for that trade.
  8. Who's taking TD's place on hands team?

    Not sure, but I think Coleman is already a STer...if not, he'd be a good pick.
  9. Who's taking TD's place on hands team?

    i guess I can't say Joe Webb because he's already a STer and putting Cam in is just asking for I'm going with Luuuuuke
  10. Cam Newton and Panthers cards are hot on eBay

    Cam's cards will probably never be higher than they are now, regardless of how his career goes from here.  Selling them using the "buy now" feature is your best bet. if the Panthers lose tomorrow his cards will take a considerable hit, imo.  Im a Panthers fan, so I hold on to Panther and all former UNC player's cards, regardless of their value.  The most favorite card in my collection is probably LaDanian Tomlinsons Rookie Debut on card auto rookie card. My '89 Score Barry Sanders RC and my '86 Topps Jerry Rice RC.  I don't have the '86 Jordan Rookie or any of his auto's...if I had one of those, that would be my fav...oh well.
  11. ESPN 101.1 St. Louis: Kevin Greene

    He should get in but man, this is one of the strongest classes I've seen in a while.  Greene was one of the first prototypical DE/DT/OLB and a rare breed even with today's versatil 3-4 DEs, because most of them couldn't play inside.
  12. Next year's team will be better.
  13. Cam Newton and Panthers cards are hot on eBay

    That Cam auto with the Panther Logo is super-sweet. If I could've pulled something like that out of a pack I'd be jumping up and down running around the house like a crazy person.
  14. Cam Newton and Panthers cards are hot on eBay

    I bought a hobby box of 2011 sp authentic, hoping for a Cam auto rookie...well, I got a Cam rookie card, but no autograph.  I dud, however, get a 2-color swatch autographed rookie of Andy Dalton, I did pretty good considering Looking through those rookies in '11, I'm amazed at how stacked that draft-class was.  Well worth the 135$ I sprung for the box and I got my only Cam rookie card since I gave up collecting years and years ago.