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  1. Catweisers added a post in a topic As Breakable as Funyuns (Funchess) injures leg in practice again   

    Looked up Randy and he already plays for Carolina.
    Look to right and should see pic of him and it reads under pic he plays here if so GREAT!!!!
    Perfect fit for a whole bunch of reasons.  He lives here and coaches at high school here and he and Cam are friends.
    Heres hoping it comes into being.
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  2. Catweisers added a post in a topic This Jarrett Boykin highlight vid makes me feel good..   

    He is a home town player too.
    Love to see him make pro bowl!!!
    Go Panthers!!!!!
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  3. Catweisers added a post in a topic Ron Rivera   

    I think the players like him.  That showed when his back was against the wall and they played their hearts out to keep him here. 
    We have built a few more pieces every year since and I think this year is when it all comes together.
    Defense wins championships and you give our offense the ball often enough they gonna strike gold.
    Think it will be a season we talk about a long time and sure look foward to it!!!
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  4. Catweisers added a post in a topic Todman very impressive - Example Video   

    Was a Nice run came at a good time too.
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  5. Catweisers added a post in a topic your prediction...the first fight in practice   

    Well, couple of folks got close but didn't get a Cigar. 
    Like the spirit but sure hope they can wait on another team before they try to kill each other.  Hope it makes us better team.  Turn it into a positive some how.
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  6. Catweisers added a post in a topic Stephen Hill Saga continues   

    If this turns to be less than thought he can be back after first half of season I think. 
    Lets hope he's in gets all the things that on his plate right now get fixed and him too!
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  7. Catweisers added a post in a topic Kelvin and Devin , Devin and Kelvin   

    Awesome, been waiting for years for a team like this.
    Bear Bryant said Offense sells tickets and Defenses win Championships and sure think we got both this year.
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  8. Catweisers added a post in a topic NFCS 2015 Projections - SI   

    This guy calls it a lazy prediction. 
    Let's not forgot how poorly Banks predictions were in week 17 and the Panthers first playoff game. He predicted a Panthers loss in both. I'm pretty sure this prediction will be just as bad:
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  9. Catweisers added a post in a topic Cam watching footy down under   

    Looks like Cam being Cam and having fun. 

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  10. Catweisers added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    A new breed of Panthers
    Thought this was cool but only a Panther in name!!
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