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  1. Wondered about too.  Think there will be a lot of folks that like us but I am biased.  Observer had article.
  2.    Great bunch of vids on game.   Was a lot of info think you all might **** it. Want to be the Heads instead of Tails!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Charlotte Observer Banned From Panthers Superbowl Pressers

    check my posts they seem to want us to loose.  Got no use for them!!
  4. Touchdown

    That was a NFL record Steve Young 43 all time rushing Cam 44!!!  New record go Cam  
  5. Baby doing Dab
  6. Pretty interesting Ref Cam had words with calling Pats game.
  7. Caption This Dab

  8. Do you have faith in McClain?

    Man, he was all over the place when he got in game.  found good article on him.
  9. Great Vid about Cam

    That was great about Cam and how this team is driven to be all and more that it can be. If I remember right Cam was living is same building with MJ, That was after he was drafted, don't know where he lives now.  Guess that would be the test to being Great not doing it alone and being Great but inspiring the people around you to be Great also.  Seems like he is doing both.  
  10. These guys are getting away with murder!!  Ref's just stand there!  
  11. today"s injury report and RR's presser

    Our front 4 are healthy, together a game now.  CJ and Star getting set for the final push in great shape and rested.  Allen was great move because now we can rotate and stay fresh.  Luke and TD and who was that draft pick we didn't need can turn heads too.  Josh and our guy from Saints and the Meanest Man in football that we brought out of retirement going to function admirably and surely don't forget our Man, Mr. Coleman. Bene will be gone for rest of season and will be sorely missed!  The rest will be a few games, get well quick!!! New York Giants get ready for a little Dab Carolina Style!!  They say you all are Giant killers.  When this game over you will who killed the Giants!!!!  
  12. Panthers work out former 1st round pick WR Jon Baldwin

    This is Jon as Steelers drafted 26th.    
  13. Before we get all happy

    Get a grip
  15. Thinking back to the draft...

    Love the guy sure be glad when makes the Pro-Bowl.  Funchess that is!