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  1. Anyone Going to the Game Today?

    Stubhub is below face after fees on a lot of them. Uptown right now pregaming
  2. Mobile entry to BOA

    I used the mobile entry from ticketmaster this past weekend and it was my first time doing so. I opened up the ticketmaster app, selected my ticket and it appeared with the section, row, seat and a mobile barcode. On my iPhone it has an option to send it to the Wallet app, which I did. This way you don't have to worry about not having service or anything. You just pull it up, turn the phone around for them to scan and then it will print a small paper ticket with your seat location out of the back of the scanner that they will hand to you. Very easy and I will be doing the same for this week's game
  3. Because i need a damn good wedding gift to a fellow huddler