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  1. Purdue on the road could be tough. With that said I know nothing about Purdue basketball.
  2. The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

    To be it's not like Lebron is an awful shooter. He can hit from anywhere on the floor. When he gets older he will be able to put more time into gaining a consistent jumper instead of building muscle. If he doesn't he will "fall off" like Dexterity said and it will be without warning. Kinda like Wade last year.
  3. NC State will be good this season. They're very understated because they aren't full of any big time recruits but they have a good balance of players. I'd be surprised if our season wasn't at least close to what it was last year
  4. The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

    Kings looking good
  5. The Official General NBA Discussion Thread

    Honestly, this is better then bazillions of random thread popping up and getting lost with other Hornet threads. Good idea Diddy