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  1. Sign Travis Benjamin and Eric Weddell as FA.  Look for another low priced FA as CB.  Tag Norman.  Draft OT, DE, CB, S.  We need a WR because non of our guys had the speed/ability in one package to get open.  Diamond in the rough CB in the draft for the second round if he is there is Will Redmond from Mississippi State if he is healthy.  Was a borderline 1st rounder before injuring his ACL.  Spence/Dodd in first if available as no OT at the end of the first excites me.
  2. That image of Josh Norman crying

    I love Norman. He played his guts out.  Pay the man.
  3. Cam backing away from the ball...

    The last time saw a QB dive at a ball like was Drew Brees at San Diego.  He had to have total reconstructive shoulder surgery.  Not what I want to see from our Franchise QB.  Sorry but he wasn't recovering the fumble.