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  1. This could be in the wrong section, mods can move it if necessary, but I was at the game Friday at BoA and tried to buy a beer and souvenir soda cup and they had an issue with their card reader. It kept declining, they even tried it on 2 different terminals, and had me swipe my card and my wife's card multiple times and it never went through. Fast forward to this morning and multiple charges have gone through for that transaction. So if you ran into similar issues with a card being declined at BoA on Friday, check your accounts and make sure you didn't double and triple pay for your stuff.
  2. KushMcDieselson

    Cam IS on the hot seat!

    I would just like to point out that Matt fuging Ryan is making 30 mil a year, we got Cam for a steal and he basically willed us to the super bowl after that extension. In my opinion(which doesn't count for poo), based on what these other scrub ass QBs are getting paid now he has earned every dollar in that contract. I mean Luck is making bank and hasn't played a game since 2016? Cam is no where near a hot seat, and if for some insane reason he was cut before we draft the next Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers in the 6th round in the next 3 years, I would have to consider turning my fan card in. Not because "I'm only a Cam fan and when he goes I go!!" but because after being a fan of this team for the past 15+ years if I watch them throw away the best QB we've ever had without a extremely good reason it obviously means they don't give a poo about actually winning or they are just too damn incompetent and I don't know if I can take a mediocre ass product on the field for another 15+ years. JR can suck a dick with his pie charts and grab assing, it's always been about making money first and if we win that's cool too, but that's only secondary and a by product of the fact that they know to keep us fans pumping in dollars they have to at least get a few wins here and there to look like they give a poo.
  3. My lady follows his lady on Instagram, and you know what she sees a whole lot of? KB being a lazy fat ass playing video games in the background, and not just during the offseason. This guy wants to talk about being a WR1 but ain't trying to put in the extra work to be all pro. Just wants to ride his 1st round draft pick status and get paid, so his woman can post to brag on Instagram about the 2.8 million dollar house they are looking at buying. At best he ended up being a 50/50 jump ball specialist, and he wasn't always very special at it.
  4. This loss was on Remmers, Oher and the refs. That fuged up challenge gifted them the 7(combined with remmers being hot garbage). Not a single flag thrown on Denver for 3 quarters and we all saw multiple no calls. Like 6 false starts on our tackles with no apparent adjustment by Shula to make up the extra 5 yards. And i have never seen Cam not go for the ball like that, almost like he knew it was pointless.
  5. I don't think they've thrown a single flag om Denver the entire second half. Maybe not even since the first quarter, its been that long it seems.
  6. Gano can suck my left nut, on record saying he hopes it comes down to a field goal, he always does, if we lose by a single field goal I hope someone punches him in the mouth.
  7. KushMcDieselson

    What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    What in the actual fug are you even doing on this forum? Your handle is tarheels, your avatar is a panther player, yet in a week's time you've done nothing but talk down the Panthers? You are obviously a troll fan from some poor team watching SB50 from their couches, my guess is some scrub ass AFC team since when you're not trashing the Panthers you're trashing the NFC (like the AFC East/South/West hasn't been hot garbage for basically the past 14 years, with 3 good teams and 9 others always fighting for 2nd place in their division.) Talk about us only making it to the Superbowl because we played the AFCS and NFCE, check Manning's glorious 2013 year and the last time he went to the Superbowl and that's the same divisions he played that year. 2013 Manning and the offense sent them to the Superbowl and then fizzled out while the defense did nothing to help. 2015 Manning let his defense and the backup qb carry them to the Superbowl, because he sure as fug did nothing to get them there. The biggest difference between us and the 2013 Broncos that feasted on the NFCE and AFCS? We feasted on both sides of the ball, and our whole team took us to SB50. And before you talk about second half stats, you should realize that stats belong on paper, the game is played on the field. Had you watched any of our games this year, you would realize the only reason any of those teams made any sort of progress in the second half, was because the coaching staff always switched to the conservative, grind the clock and play not to lose game plan. Thankfully, we abandoned that after our first playoff game when we allowed Seattle to score way too many points in our conservative game plan. It was OK during the regular season, but understanding every game could be the last in January and keeping the foot on the gas during the second half was a must......and you see how that ended for the Cardinals. I fully expect them to be full throttle for 60 minutes on Sunday and fug the respect for the Sheriff, I hope they drop at least 50 in SB50.
  8. KushMcDieselson

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    "They're coming in the back door" Lost my poo when he said that lol
  9. KushMcDieselson

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Dumb challenge, probably won't be overturned but was definitely a generous spot.
  10. But if you don't hear an audible voice, then isn't it a one sided conversation, and is it really communication? Even further, if you don't hear an audible voice replying to your thoughts, then how do you decide which thoughts are your own from your conscience and which ones are god speaking to you?
  11. How did that praying work out for his first marriage? If he knew he was going to date Ciara before he started dating her, and that wasn't god's voice, then what makes him think it was god's voice after he starting dating her telling him to lead her and but not fug her?
  12. This makes the assumption that Cam Newton is a douche. Cam is totally a douche for not publicly speaking about his contract situation, or holding out for more money than he is actually worth, or constantly shoving his faith in the public's face to show how much of a good guy he is.
  13. KushMcDieselson

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    This. I'm sure no one here agrees with domestic violence, and we're all smart enough to know everything is speculation at this point, but it really is ridiculously easy to get a man thrown in jail for domestic violence. Sent from my LG-US780 using CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  14. KushMcDieselson

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    It's even easier than that, ever heard of "communicating a threat"? Lol Sent from my LG-US780 using CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  15. KushMcDieselson

    Greg Hardy Arrested

    Hell arrested on suspicion might just mean a crazy female went to the magistrates office with a good enough story for a warrant. Crazy bitches are crazy. It's not that difficult to self inflict a few superficial wounds and get a warrant. But if he did it, he's an idiot. Sent from my LG-US780 using CarolinaHuddle mobile app