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  1. The Jets and Buffalo had legitimate defenses at times, and that still doesn't explain away the post season stat differences. You must be a newly minted Manning fan.
  2. I wish we played the Titans, Texans and Jaguars 6 times a year. Reasons why he holds so many regular season records while Brady holds more postseason records, because Peyton is in fact a post season choke artist.
  3. Mike Shula's EGO

    Shula wouldn't get as much hate had he owned up to his poo play calling instead of throwing Cam and the offense under the bus.  I've hated Shula as consistently as his gameplan of "middle run, middle run, deep pass, punt" was for all of 2014. I have been pleasantly surprised with his play calling this year, but every week I waited for him to revert back, I just hate he decided to poo the bed on the biggest stage instead of the regular season. You guys who have all this love for Shula go rewatch vs Seattle and vs Arizona, then rewatch the Superbowl and tell me it wasn't a complete 180 in play calling. It really does make it look like Cam's mental game at the LOS has jumped to that next level, seeing as he had plenty of time to make adjustments at the line vs having to roll with Shula's dumb ass original call that took 25-30 seconds to send in in the first place.   
  4. Mike Shula's EGO

    I mean our play not to lose gameplan almost bit us in the ass multiple times this season, how in the fug did Shula expect it to work when we never held a lead? Its also extremely easy for the D line to time the snap when the snap is always at 1 second on the at clock, and even easier when you know it's first down so a run up the middle is coming. All the Shula lovers want to keep pointing at the players not executing, and I understand he didn't fumble the ball, over throw it or drop the pass, but he did leave them hanging out to dry with his dumb ass play calling.  Not a single screen pass, not a single end around or even an end around fake. Our run game succeeded all year on misdirection and DE's having to defend 3 plays in one, but instead of calling the plays that got us this far he called a handful of vanilla read option plays, that weren't really any different than just running it straight up the gut, they were getting enough pressure to cover Cam and the RB. Even worse, blitz after blitz and the tackles getting beat in 3 seconds or less and he was still calling 5+ second routes. I don't recall very many slants, especially none of the quick variety, but I do remember him connecting with Ginn on a 5-7 yard slant once, and Ginn turned it into a first down, but let's not repeat plays that work.  I mean the drag route to Brown was beautiful and Talib was gassed trying to keep up with him, he grabbed that facemask to save the TD, and immediately called to come out for a breather. But hey, let's stick with what's not working, and run it up the middle for maybe 2, then follow that with some 10+ yard routes where Cam either gets  sacked, scrambles for his life to throw it away, or maybe gets between 1-3 seconds and hits the check down for 3 yards. Follow that up with a false start and another slow developing play for Cam to throw it away, get sacked or hit the check down 5 yards short of a first down, then repeat for 2 more quarters.
  5. Mike Shula's EGO

    The proof was when he had about 7 seconds or less on the fuging play clock by the time they got to the line for a majority of the game.  How exactly is he supposed to read a defense and relay adjustments to 10 other guys in a stadium that loud in 7 seconds? Combined with the non existent no huddle, burning time playing our "win the TOP and play not to lose" gameplan.
  6. Broncos LB Said Carolina Didnt Switch Anything Up

    No, we should have opened the playbook we used the first two playoff games, I think someone switched Shula's 2015 playbook with the 2014 playbook and he was too stupid to notice. 
  7. Panthers Player tweets following the Super Bowl loss

    As long as TD announces his pending retirement before our next Superbowl appearance he will get his ring, the NFL's gold retirement watch.
  8. Do you really expect much from a guy who doesn't even seem to be able to adjust his play calling from a 3rd and 7 to a 3rd and 12? 3rd and 7: "8 yard flat route to Cotchery gets us a 1st down" "False start offense #74 5 yard penalty, repeat 3rd down" "Alright guys, same play, even though we need 12 yards, I'm sending Cotchery on an 8 yard route, make it happen" Of course I'm speculating here, I don't know what the original call was, but it always seemed like after a false start pushed us back 5 yards we came up 4-5 yards short of the first. Also, after all this talk of our misdirection running game, we did zero misdirecting, except for that dumbass trick play that fell apart with Ginn. Another problem, we seemed to have reverted to our play not to lose gameplan, except that is an even worse idea when you're playing from behind and never held a lead.
  9. Cam pouting at the podium

    No it wasn't. We had time outs and time to attempt the comeback 17-16 win. Instead we give them the ball back in their redzone. It was over after they came up with the ball.
  10. Cam pouting at the podium

    This right here made absolutely no fuging sense, he should have dove on that poo like a live grenade trying to earn a mother fuging purple heart of honor, instead of stepping back like a bitch. He literally killed the last chance we had with that nonsense.
  11. Let's do the team a favor next time....

    And Shula gonna Shula. Leave an extra blocker in, Cam gets time and completes a pass. But instead, let's run up the middle for no yards to setup the play action pass with 12+ yard routes while Cam is getting blitzed all day.
  12. Let's do the team a favor next time....

    At least Blakeman let someone else flip the coin this time.
  13. Big congrats to the Broncos

    I guess they also deserved 3 quarters of no flags?
  14. Let's do the team a favor next time....

    I wanted us to win and talked poo for two weeks, but deep down I knew Manning was getting his ring, it's the NFL's version of the gold retirement watch. I mean, Joe Flacco has a ring because Ray Lewis was retiring.
  15. Let's do the team a favor next time....

    I don't really feel that Denver played a better game as much as the refs fuged us,but the only game they played better was beating Oher and Remmers like a fuging drum.