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  1. Tony Romo is 3-0

    Ouch. Should have gotten a Dirty Max.
  2. Our Color Rush Uniforms

    I was totally cool with the all blue thing until you posted this, now I think this + silver pants and our already silver helmet would have looked much better.
  3. SkyBanner for Dallas game?

    I think we all should stop trying to find ways to be a douchy fanbase just because we are finally enjoying some consist success.
  4. Panther Fans Start Raising Money for Billboard

    Bad idea, old logo, and a goal of 10.8k in 24 hours?  A 20% buffer for hidden costs, as if you can't get an actual full quote for advertising up front, or read the gofundme policy to see what their "hidden" costs are. Sounds like a half baked scam idea to me.