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  1. KushMcDieselson added a post in a topic Quitting the job you just started   

    It's called a two week notice.  
    Step 1:   Explain to new job that you would need to give your old job a two week notice if offered employment.
    Step 2:   After being offered employment at new job, give two week notice at old job.
    Step 3:  Profit.
    Alternatively, since you are under the 90 day probationary period, accept the new job, tell them you can start on Monday, and tell your old job you won't be returning on the Friday before that.  Your call.
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  2. KushMcDieselson added a post in a topic My Custom ordered Truck finally arrived   

    Why not a black panthers tag in the front? Then you get to keep the black and have a panthers tag, win-win lol, unless you go with the blue calipers then a blue tag would work well.  Also, have you considered the weathertech in channel vent visors or any steps? Nice SUV either way, though the blacked out look has seemingly taken over the custom auto market now, its a crock of poo how black didn't really cost extra before, it was the chrome you always had to pay for but now blacking your vehicle out sometimes costs more than the standard chrome variant, just look at truck toolboxes for example.
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  3. KushMcDieselson added a post in a topic Worst places to live in NC   

    Lol at Tarboro making the list while Rocky Mount doesn't, when it tied for 7th on their "Most Dangerous Cities in NC" list.  Should probably use a weighted scale when determining the worst city to live in, as I don't think population density and housing vacancy rates have nearly as much to do with how great or shitty a city might be to live in vs. things like education/employment/crime rate.  Now that I think about it, might as well just count the whole Nash/Edgecombe/Halifax tricounty area as one giant poo hole that tops the list.
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  4. KushMcDieselson added a post in a topic Russell "Golden Calf of Bristol" Wilson   

    But if you don't hear an audible voice, then isn't it a one sided conversation, and is it really communication? Even further, if you don't hear an audible voice replying to your thoughts, then how do you decide which thoughts are your own from your conscience and which ones are god speaking to you? 
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  5. KushMcDieselson added a post in a topic Russell "Golden Calf of Bristol" Wilson   

    How did that praying work out for his first marriage?  If he knew he was going to date Ciara before he started dating her, and that wasn't god's voice, then what makes him think it was god's voice after he starting dating her telling him to lead her and but not fug her?
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  6. KushMcDieselson added a post in a topic Russell "Golden Calf of Bristol" Wilson   

    This makes the assumption that Cam Newton is a douche.  Cam is totally a douche for not publicly speaking about his contract situation, or holding out for more money than he is actually worth, or constantly shoving his faith in the public's face to show how much of a good guy he is.
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  7. KushMcDieselson added a post in a topic Which Would You Rather?   

    Slightly off topic, but +1 for SeatGeek, had no idea this existed, just bought 6 tickets to the Saint's game in section 518 and got a good look at what my view will be.
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