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  1. I get your point but they’re also 5th in rushing
  2. So what are the odds of a run up the middle on 1st
  3. Dang we really needed to score there to induce some momentum
  4. Actually laughing. Ron Rivera, ladies and gentlemen.
  5. It’s not like Luke to miss these tackles. I expect a big game from him next week.
  6. I’m confused. That was a bad kick tho. It’s cool that’s a tough one.
  7. Play tough please. Pass rush needs to keep getting there
  8. We were all absolutely so so wrong about Funchess. WHOOO!
  9. In years past, yes we’ve been terrible. But this year we’ve had some more success. Fozzy last week of course but I remember a couple to CMC that got us first downs.
  10. Fozzy last week ring a bell? Try to be a little objective.
  11. Ed Dickson making a statement RUN CMC FIRST TD GREAT GAME BY SHULA FIRST
  12. Refs are being nitpicky but face masks are face masks and that’s just our defense being undisciplined.