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  2. Why didn’t they get flags for blocks in the back? No, seriously.
  3. Huge drive by the O. Sweet. Can the defense respond?
  4. Who knows wtf a catch is nowadays. Won’t be surprised either.
  5. Well there’s a TD and there goes our lead. Sorry ass D
  6. Cmon man do we really need a spy for Keenum
  7. Okay well we’re not stopping them. Can we at least hold them to 3
  8. Cams not looking good today but nobody’s even open
  9. Run game is working so keep at it
  10. Well Olsen’s back. Confusing.
  11. Need a long scoring drive here and get ball back at half. Can’t stall. Can’t stall especially on this drive.
  12. Huge stop. I was wrong. Great tackle by Bradberry.
  13. I just feel a TD here. Hope I’m wrong.
  14. Our redzone D is awful. I expect 7.
  15. Thought we were putting an emphasis on tackling in practice this week
  16. Tough to see with Olsen. Darn.
  17. You don’t take the risk. Doesn’t matter. Especially up 7. Pin their offense deep and handle things from there.
  18. What. A. Play. By. Captain. Wow
  19. Can you guys just a be a little realistic? No team goes for it on their own 40 in the 2Q.