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  1. Third down conversion percentage is what stood out the most to me. I see a lot of three and outs and turnovers in their future
  2. I think Coldplay is gonna do well. They're usually really good live. However, Bruno Mars was my favorite halftime show in a while.
  3. Cam Defenders

  4. I mean, we'll win either way, but rain would definitely be in our favor. I think our defense is already gonna feast on Manning, but if it rained it would be on another level.
  5. Compensatory pick?

    With that logic there is also 0 reason to make any type of moves this off season since we only lost one game with the guys we have.
  6. We actually got a ton of pressure against Seattle. I believe we got 5 sacks, while it wasn't all from the Dline, the Dline would've had more sacks that game if it was for Russell Wilson scrambling and pulling plays out his ass.
  7. Superbowl 50 Teaser Trailer

    Ohhh haha alright. Well looking forward to the full one!
  8. Superbowl 50 Teaser Trailer

    Awesome! Got chills. Although I feel like you didn't mean to put the probowl date on there
  9. How surreal does this have to be for.....

    To be fair, Peppers was chasing money too. They gave him significantly more than we would have paid him
  10. Who Else Will Start Wearing Team Gear Again .. Later

    I do feel that its annoying as fug that some people assume every Panthers fan is a bandwagon fan, but once they realize I know a helluva lot more about my team than them they back off. So i still proudly rep my team, every sunday and usually at least one time during the week, throughout the entire year.
  11. The Cam Newton contract?

    Yeah but cant blame him for not paying it, Norman hadn't played elite for even a full season yet. Im sure Gettlemen was cautious of giving big contracts to players who might not deserve it...
  12. Seahawk fan starts petition to ban Cam from century link field!

    LMAO. When your team is so good that people are honestly wondering "How is that even possible? They had to have cheated."
  13. 10 open spots !!

    Chris Harris, Von Miller, Aquib Talib, and Demarcus Ware
  14. 10 open spots !!

    Plus 4 from the Broncos...