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  1. gtanaka added a post in a topic Panthers may have gotten a lucky break for Week 2   

    well this will help our defense get in a good groove early on
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  2. gtanaka added a post in a topic Star carted off practice field with foot wrapped   

    It's the foot he had surgical repaired. They said it's for "soreness" and theyre being "cautious"
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  3. gtanaka added a post in a topic Fastest off season ever?   

    I feel like it's taken forever. But the huddle definitely helped, always had something to look forward to, whether free agency, the draft, mini camp, training camps. Etc, it's nice to not have to go through it by yourself
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  4. gtanaka added a post in a topic Question for the Huddle   

    That's true, and I'm actually not sure which one I'd rather have. But one thing I know is that if ealy broke out and played like hardy, got 13 sacks. With all the other improvements on our defense, our d would be redicoulous. Undoubtedly number 1.
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  5. gtanaka added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Question for the Huddle
    All this training camp excitement and seeing who's doing well so far got me thinking. Would you rather have Oher play great but not have someone step and take hardys place. Ealy and Frank don't really improve much. Or have Oher play at the level of bell last season, but have Ealy match hardys production (I know not likely at all). Keep in mind that Ealy is locked up for a few more years for cheap.
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