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  1. Western Conference Finals Thread

    Ain't looking good for the Rocket boys: SportsCenter @ SportsCenter Good news: Rockets advance to Western Conference Finals. Bad news: Houston is 0-4 against Golden State this season. ESPN 11h Warriors swept Rockets in regular season 4-0. Teams to sweep 4-0 in the regular season and then meet in any round have a 55-6 series record. ESPN 14h Warriors went 4-0 against Rockets this season and outscored them by an average of 15.3 PPG Stephen Curry: shot 58% from field, 62% from 3 ESPN 14h 22nd time in NBA history that top 2 players in MVP vote face off in playoffs (Stephen Curry vs James Harden). MVP is 14-7 in those series.
  2. NBA Playoffs are here!

    ESPN 4m Most Recent NBA Championship Remaining Postseason Teams: Rockets 1995 Warriors 1975 Hawks 1958 Cavaliers Never
  3. NBA Playoffs are here!

    Houston Chronicle Dale Robertson @ sportywineguy 3h Eastern finalists Cleveland, Atlanta both chasing 1st-ever NBA title. Warriors have 3 (2 in Philly) and Rockets 2. 7m the last time the Rockets advanced to the Western finals: 18 years to the day. May 17, 1997 2h With Astros streaking, Rockets sweet-stroking, Texans have a tough act to follow in 2015.
  4. NBA Playoffs are here!

    ESPN 23m A good day for Houston! Astros are 25-13 ... this matches the quickest they've ever reached 25 wins (also got there in 38 games in 1998)
  5. NBA Playoffs are here!

    Mike and Mike -- Mike Greenberg @ Espngreeny 2m All the credit to # Rockets . Came back from the dead. Don't think they beat GS. But I didn't think they'd do this either.
  6. NBA Playoffs are here!

    ESPN Darren Rovell @ darrenrovell 4m Teams in last 20 years to win after down 3-1: -Rockets ('14-15) -Suns ('05-06) -Pistons ('02-03) -Heat ('96-97) -Rockets ('94-95)
  7. NBA Playoffs are here!

  8. NBA Playoffs are here!

  9. NBA Playoffs are here!

    KHOU-TV in Houston Daniel Gotera @ DTGoteraKHOU 4h "Clutch City" is back in the house for Game 7. Toyota Center
  10. NBA Playoffs are here!

    Jalen Rose @ JalenRose 9m The 5 teams that led the NBA in made 3's are still playing. Rockets , Warriors, Clips, Cavs and Hawks. Game has officially changed.
  11. NBA Playoffs are here!

  12. NBA Playoffs are here!

    ATL is basically just cursed. Crazy a city that big only has 1 title. As for Charlotte (2,380,314), that's the same size as: 2,348,247 - Portland Oregon 2,321,418 - Orlando 2,244,397 - Sacramento 2,069,681 - Las Vegas of those, only Portland has a title (Trail Blazers in 1977), so I guess they could talk smack, but I doubt people in North Carolina care as they have been spoiled with well more than their fair share of titles between Duke and UNC
  13. NBA Playoffs are here!

    in 150 combined seasons of the Hawks/Braves/Falcons playing in ATL, they have only brought home one title (the Braves, two decades ago). and it's 170 combined seasons if you include the NHL thats crazy, I didn't realize how awful ATL was in sports. ATL is the 9th biggest metro area in the US, you'd think they'd have a lot more titles. Look at the all the other big cities. The only other big city as bad as ATL in sports is Phoenix, but they've only had 90 combined seasons of NFL/NBA/MLB (110 if include NHL) and aren't as big a city as ATL (4,489,109 to 5,614,323 population) Biggest cities in the US: #1 NYC - 57 titles (35 MLB/2 NBA/9 NFL/11 NHL) #2 LA - 22 titles (6 MLB/11 NBA/2 NFL/3 NHL) #3 Chicago - 27 titles (5 MLB/6 NBA/11 NFL/5 NHL) #4 Dallas - 8 titles (1 NBA/6 NFL/1 NHL) #5 Houston - 4 titles (2 NBA/2 NFL) #6 Philadelphia - 16 titles (7 MLB/3 NBA/4 NFL/2 NHL) #7 Washington - 7 titles (1 MLB/1 NBA/5 NFL) #8 Miami - 7 titles (2 MLB/3 NBA/2 NFL) #9 Atlanta - 1 title <------------WTF?!?!?! 4.29 million to 4.73 million population: #10 Boston - 36 titles (9 MLB/17 NBA/4 NFL/6 NHL) #11 San Fran/Oakland - 16 titles (7 MLB/2 NBA/7 NFL) #12 Phoenix - 1 title #13 Detriot - 22 titles (4 MLB/3 NBA/4 NFL/11 NHL) 2.75 million to 3.67 million population: #14 Seattle 2 titles (1 NBA/1 NFL) #15 Minneapolis - 7 titles (2 MLB/5 NBA) #16 San Diego - 1 title #17 Tampa - 2 titles (1 NFL/1 NHL) #18 Saint Louis - 13 titles (11 MLB/1 NBA/1 NFL) #19 Baltimore - 9 titles (3 MLB/1 NBA/5 NFL) #20 Denver - 4 titles (2 NFL/2 NHL) some from the less than 2.38 million population cities: Pittsburgh - 14 titles (5 MLB/6 NFL/3 NHL) Green Bay - 13 titles (all NFL) San Antonio - 5 titles (all NBA) Cincinnati - 5 titles (all MLB) Cleveland - 12 titles (2 MLB, 10 NFL)
  14. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    Duke sells much more than Wisconsin, so Duke winning was better for American companies and the Americans they employ and their families and children Academy @ Academy 1h Congrats to Duke ! Grab the official champ gear here
  15. National Championship thread - Duke vs Wisconsin

    Alan Stein @ AlanStein 17m everyone blaming the refs instead of congratulating Duke NCAA Basketabll Refs @ NCAABballRef 25m So Duke won by 5 points. These no calls lead to 5 Duke Points. Refs were the deciding factor in this game! CaptainTouchback @ CaptTouchback 1h Some # Duke IT nerd had to hack into the replay system and alter that video. No other explanation for the non-reversal of out of bounds call Tyson @ EatPorkPlease 2h Wow 2 terribly blown calls. Foot on end line and Duke touched that ball Matt Christian @ mattycash5 2h That duke players foot was on the line and wasn't called. It changed the whole game Pete Pranica @ PetePranica 2h Several million people just saw the ball was off Duke . Except the officials, who also missed Duke stepping out of bounds . #atrocious Derek Schultz @ Schultz1260 2h Great game, but I'm going to have a really hard time swallowing that out - of - bounds call. Duke three on extra possession. Huge swing. Don Wadewitz @ DonWadewitz 2h A classic game until refs missed Duke stepping out of bounds resulting in 3 and then ball going off their fingers resulting in 3 more. Awful