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  1. Odell Beckham Jr. On madden 2016 cover

    Do we have a huddle madden gamertag list? Searched and didn't turn one up. Im on Xbox one.
  2. The Reason we made the trade for Devin Funchess

    He isn't a great run blocker like you said. He doesn't like to block at all which is why Michigan flexed him out so much
  3. They ran a lot of zone read and zone blocking which is great for what we do most Sunday's.
  4. In that video Tyrus Thompson gets hurt and they movie Daryl over to left tackle.
  5. Not sure if posted yet. Great video on him
  6. Gettleman and Rivera Presser

    I hope wide receiver is the BPA when pick 57 comes tonight.
  7. Gettleman and Rivera Presser

    They looked defeated? I didn't see any footage but that's a little concerning.
  8. Rams release Jake Long

    Wonder is James Andrews did the acl surgery...
  9. Rams release Jake Long

    Former first round pick right?
  10. Rams release Jake Long

    What rehab is he going through?
  11. Better Know a Prospect - C.J. Fiedorowicz

    So many good players and so few picks.