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  1. Trev_GFC

    World Cup General Discussion

    Ha, when you’re on form then that fortune will come your way. He should’ve had a few penalties in the first game. He’s smashing this World Cup so far. England really do look good.
  2. Trev_GFC

    World Cup General Discussion

    ...and exhale! Overall I’m happy with England’s performance. 1 or 2 changes to the line-up, particularly Rashford in for Sterling, and we can take Panama to the cleaners.
  3. Trev_GFC

    A bounce back year for him?????

    The preview would make more sense if Coleman was still here, it would describe him perfectly after his explosive first season with us.
  4. English fans generally demand a proven, experienced manager over giving someone their first managerial/head coach role. It’s often looked down upon as the ‘cheap option’. This is particularly true with struggling sides where sadly it often means the likes of Pardew, Allardyce etc are never out of employment and take the place of a promising young coach with fresh ideas. Often a young coach only gets considered for a job as he’s stood in as caretaker/interim manager while the board go through the recruitment process, but then find the ship has steadied under this fresh option.
  5. Trev_GFC

    What we think we know

    Moving from an uptown location to a giant car park makes complete financial sense but I’m surprised Tepper would like Heinz Field but not BoA. I know he’s only a minority owner there but surely you would’ve heard rumblings of them moving to a Dome stadium out of town, it’s the same situation? Unless the others were dead against it and he sees this as his key project: “the house that David built”.
  6. I’d prefer Joachim Lowe or Allegri.
  7. Fulham have booked their place in the Championship play-off final. Meh.
  8. West Brom’s Darren Moore wins Manager if the Month the same day his team get relegated. Ouch! I’ve been to probably 4-5 Arsenal games this year and the whole defence needs shipping out. In Europe and the other cups I feel Arsenal have actually been playing good attacking football, but in the league they resort back to their mind-numbing endless passing around the box.
  9. Trev_GFC

    I Need New Headphones: Help!

    I’d recommend going in a store first and trying them. If not for the quality then at least for the comfort. You don’t want headphones which cause discomfort to the edges of your ears. My ATH-M50Xs have fantastic sound quality, a number of different cables including spiral ones etc. The main issue however is the top part which is meant to rest on the top of your head doesn’t. I’m guessing I must have an abnormally small head (it’s not like there’s much in it) but it’s uncomfortable.
  10. There’s flexibility to us (ability to play different formations with our players) and then there’s flexibility of the players themselves to play different formations. I like versatile players, and let’s not forget we’ll get injuries. Playing in different positions to your strongest one is part of your development, but I feel by the time you become a pro you should have nailed down a position and a sub-position. Play in your main position unless a situation calls for something different for a one-off play or injury. I don’t want us failing to address positions of need in free agency and the first rounds, and then sticking players out of their best position for half the season. When talking about our draft picks it seems more that we’re talking about the Panthers being versatile rather than the players. Remember we’re not going to start with ALL of them in the first game. I can see us dabbling with all the secondary when the situation sees fit to, as Bill Voth alluded to. Sticking in Gaulden/Bradberry/Capn/Donte vs a particular player. I don’t think we can say “we’re looking at playing this formation” based on a 5th/6th round pick though.
  11. “Josh Norman going meant we had to change our draft outlook” Yeah, but not every draft afterwards.
  12. Trev_GFC

    Jags to London?

    Ha, I went to a soccer game there once. The fans were spitting and kicking out at anyone when you were waiting to cross a road. Lancashire’s an odd place (to a Southerner like me) - how many towns need their own word or phrase for a bun/roll?! Bamcakes?!
  13. Trev_GFC

    Jags to London?

    Names of leagues and series mean nothing. The English Premier League has featured 2 Welsh teams recently, plus Burnley who surely come from one of your redneck states. What does the World in World Series truly mean, come to that If I was an American I’d probably be fuged off at a club moving to a different country.
  14. Trev_GFC

    Jags to London?

    This is why it’s perfectly possible that the FA could sell Wembley, but personally I think the FA will play the “Wembley is home” angle when in reality they know in a few years the stadium will be a huge and guaranteed money-maker given the sheer amount of events that go on there. That has to be the key reason why the Jaguars owner wants it - perhaps just as a cash inflow rather than becoming home to one of his teams? Fulham definitely won’t move there. But still, re: franchising. I thought the Jaguars were under a revival on- and off-field, and Jacksonville looked to me at slightly less risk of losing the franchise than in the early days of the London agreement. Spurs will be the obvious choice for a franchise, so with this talk of the Jaguars’ owner liking Wembley then I wonder if another franchise will move to Spurs. Browns? Even the Chargers maybe?