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  1. Trev_GFC

    Mcgregor vs Khabib

    If you get arrested/appear in court over what you’ve done while promoting your fight or any other actions then you need to be thrown out of the business. It shames the organisation. It reminds me of the David Haye/Derek Chisora issue in British boxing. They put British boxing into disrepute following the press conference fight and arrest, and got a box office fight at a football stadium out of it instead of losing their licences.
  2. Terrible OL, 3rd and long and yet Cam has to rely on our receivers getting separation.
  3. This pocket is just gonna collapse each snap.
  4. Have fun today everyone!
  5. Trev_GFC

    Things that trump says

    “If I get impeached, everybody will be poor” not to mention the other comment about how can you impeach a president if he’s going a good job. I smirked.
  6. There are two types of migration in Western Europe - asylum seekers fleeing war-torn countries/countries with a high risk of persecution, and then you’ve got economic migration. The number of asylum seeekers should be kept in check by border controls, although you do get some border fug ups like Greece recently. Economic migration makes up the vast, vast majority of the movement of people, and is usually the result of Eastern European countries becoming members of the European Union, which is a free labour pool allowing free movement. If you bump into a ‘foreign’ resident of the UK then the chances are they’ve come from another EU country. A bit like inter-state travel across the US. Countries get their culture shaped by waves of migration. But that doesn’t mean the fabric of being British, French or American ceases to exist.
  7. Trev_GFC

    Panthers Fan from across the pond

    Sorry to drag this post up from page two, but welcome to the Huddle! Good to see another one of us on here. It’s definitely worth coming back again before long, although whenever I’ve looked recently flights to Charlotte or Raleigh-Durham have always been so expensive no matter what time of the year. But match tickets are pretty reasonable and the pre-game experience with the Roaring Riot tailgate is fantastic to experience.
  8. Trev_GFC

    World Cup General Discussion

    Even being English I’d give the striker the benefit of the doubt. It frustrates me when I see free kicks for a high boot when the ball is two feet off the ground and the defender’s decided to try a diving header to clear it! I'm gutted with the result, and it was men vs boys out there after the first half. Yeah, we had a good draw but I’m immensely proud of Gareth and the team. Look at the England squad of 1-2 years ago under Fat Sam and you’ll appreciate how far we’ve come. It bodes well for the future.
  9. Trev_GFC

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    I’m not going to read through 12 pages of comments. To me it was a poor tip given he apparently showed appreciation at the service by shaking the waiter’s hands and had a friendly conversation, although that’s only one side of the story. I’m also sad to see the waiter publically shaming him like this. That’s not what the tertiary industry is about, but sadly living in the UK I place a lot of this at the feet of US culture and wages. Don’t pay lower wages than other jobs but say “oh, but tips make up the rest of your pay” - fug off. This wouldn’t be an issue if you had a national minimum/living wage like over here, avoiding exploitation like this. You have a lot of social issues in the USA which you shrug your shoulders to. Who cares about workforce exploitation?! I always think of the Reservoir Dogs scene. sadly I also think about when I was chased out of a Chinese restaurant for not giving much of a tip, even though the service was poo, the steak had chipped bones in it, and all the courses came out pretty much at once. Don’t go demanding a tip you don’t deserve!
  10. Trev_GFC

    Concept uniform, good, bad, or ugly?

    It looks bad enough as a computer generated image. Imagine it in real life on one of our hog mollies. Images on uniforms are terrible unless subtle. The only extra imaging I perhaps wouldn’t mind would be a pair of panthers eyes maybe on the bottom of the jersey, but then you probably won’t see them if the jersey’s tucked in. Any higher and it won’t look good, I feel.
  11. Trev_GFC

    World Cup General Discussion

    That was impressive from England. Comfortable, attacked well. Stand-out performances at the back. Didn’t even expend much energy which is needed in this tournament in these conditions. Loving it. I think Southgate has get Sterling in it as he wants to keep the squad as settled as possible. He’s getting the chances so I’m hoping he’ll shake the monkey off his back and get a goal in the Semi Final. Wow, semi final. That sounds good.
  12. Trev_GFC

    World Cup General Discussion

    Ooh e ooh, England fans in Russia Ooh e ooh, drinking all the vodka Ooh e ooh, England going all the way 1, 2, 3, 4...