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  1. Things that trump says

    There are a number of articles going into details about how incorrect this tweet is, but my favourite is this about the ownership of the US embassy. I really hope it's true!
  2. pro bowler graham gano

    There are bigger issues elsewhere in this team than Gano missing two field goals. In a season where it felt like we mostly had to settle for 3.
  3. I love the irony of managers complaining about playing too many fixtures, only to then fail to beat a lower league side in a cup and force a midweek replay. I'm not an Arsenal fan but I hope Sanchez leaves the club. One less player in the Premiership who throws a strop everytime he doesn't get his way, both on the field and off.
  4. London 2018?

    I can definitely agree with that. I think there'll be too much uproar if the Wembley hosted a SB, but look at the NFL's visibility at the design and build stages of Spurs' new stadium. You wouldn't put in extra NFL locker rooms and even turf for one or two International Series games. I'm confident a franchise will move there, and was assuming it would be Jaguars until they balled out this season.
  5. London 2018?

    Announcement 10 mins away, streamed live: https://t.co/X8QIn0C7oJ
  6. London 2018?

    I think it's 2 at Wembley, 1 at Spurs' new stadium which is still being built, and one at Twickenham in West London. Bear in mind that Spurs stadium only holds 60k while Twickers is something like 82k and Wembley 90k.
  7. The new Spurs stadium which is built with NFL heavily in mind! Ridiculous isn't it. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/jun/15/stadiums-future-holograms-drones-fan-experience
  8. I'm guessing an obvious short-term windfall for the local economy but soon after it'll feel no different. I can think of stadia which have held Superbowls, Wrestlemanias, sporting events with the eyes of the world watching, but those stadiums are long-gone or cities forgotten. How I would've loved to have visited the Astrodome or Memphis Pyramid.
  9. Thanks. Why the fug do people go to the effort of fooling people for one day over something menial like fixtures?! It's not exactly an Earth-changing lie.
  10. ? The fixtures get announced tomorrow but someone sent me this below. If true, the fact that Jaguars are on the right side of the vs suggests that it's written the US-style [email protected], rather than the English home vs away. If this is bollocks and Panthers lose a home game then obviously there's the PSL issue, and I don't know how other clubs have dealt with it. When the English Premiership were looking at doing a few International Series games themselves, they proposed extending every club's season from 38 games to 39, with the extra game being a neutral one in Malaysia, Australia, Charlotte etc. Wouldn't that be a better way? But even so, I'd rather you all have an exciting away game. 8 hours or so from CLT/RDU, so not that much longer than West Coast. But having been to 4 or 5 International Series games they're more of a spectacle than a home-away tie. What should be a home crowd becomes a few thousand home fans, a few thousand away fans, then the rest of the stadium being full of every other jersey. The games sell out quickly and I don't think there's any notable resale facility, so you'll struggle to pick what blocks to sit in after the original one or two home and away blocks get sold straight by the clubs themselves in the USA. Airlines: Norwegian and Primera can have fantastic prices, which you can get from a decent hub airport. I haven't heard of anyone going with Primera, but Norwegian is definitely a pleasant surprise apparently.
  11. Absolutely, uptown stadia beats out-of-town ones hands-down. I still don't get why a consortium would want to move to an out-of-town job. Surely the parking revenue won't be that significant? 20,000 vehicles at maybe $30 per event? Or is it far more expensive? No doubt they'll have bars and restaurants hoping to capture the crowds, but again to me it's not significant enough for a new $1 billion. I went to Oakland and they have the Warriors arena in the car park, so I wonder if they would look at maybe sharing any new Panthers stadium car park with another venue and increasing the chances of finally building an MLS stadium? Or share like with Atlanta? In other countries new stadia are built either to improve capacity (no sharing of gate receipts), improve access, or to increase the amount of executive facilities. We're not just talking boxes but an 8-row Club Deck going around the whole ground like you had in the Georgia Dome, Giants stadium etc, and the concourse is a trove of fancy bars, sports bars, Michelin-star restaurants. I went to Arsenal the other day and it's a fantastic experience but would hate to support my team that way. Corporate hospitality stuff. I see little benefit in the stadium being out-of-town - in fact you could have the same at BofA and open it up for non-match day walk-up revenue as it's near Uptown, Deloitte etc. To me the BofA isn't old. I love how it's still modern-looking as well, particularly the upper concourse and the outside. Far better than the characterless concrete/glass. It was build just as the cookie cutter period ended. Being the NFL it'll be demolished before its 40th birthday, but please rebuild on the current site once it truly starts feeling aged. I want more history to be made in it first. I know gate receipts are split, but what about executive facilities? I've gone on a bit as I'm one of those stadia geeks, but also being British we're anti-out-of-town builds. Besides, I don't drive and like to drink. It was no fun waiting for an hour outside NC State's stadium for a cab/uber the other year.
  12. I'd fire Gano right now

    Get out of here. Gano has carried this team with our reliance on field goals. Oh no, he's missed the odd important field goal in so many play-off games. How about the fug ups by Kalil, Funchess, Clay, Kuechly, any DB...
  13. British TV claiming Cam didn't go to the locker room, which was against the Concussion Protocol. Seahawks got a $100k fine for this breach.
  14. Well that was a fugging car crash.
  15. Ah, the high hopes I had of our running game this season. We don't deserve to get further with no running game. Not that I'm giving up on this game.