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  1. Why is the huddle so slow?

    Was too slow for me to get on till about 20mins ago but things r tuning smoothly now.
  2. Why is the huddle so slow?

    Good at least im not the only one...
  3. Morris Claiborne....

    Never like cheering that a player get hurt but if he is just gonna miss this game im not gonna lose sleep over it :P
  4. Jonathan Stewart

    I don't know what ppl say about RBs being a dime a dozen this guy fits what the team is trying to do, hopefully Gman feels the same way.
  5. New(Bandwagon)Fans

    Fill out form and mail to Panthers headquarters....
  6. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    At this point I just want Cam to get himself a rush TD
  7. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    LOL!!! Our defense isn't even tired!
  8. Official Redskins at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Lol that pick was just too predictable!
  9. Josh Norman Tops List of FA's that MUST be re-signed

    He may be playing like a defensive MVP but that doesn't change the reality of the situation, you can hardly fault people's realist approach to the situation even if they are under rating him.
  10. Does being undefeated make you more nervous?

    Losing to the skins or Cowboys would be terrible but I already have one eye to the playoffs so winning then is all I care
  11. Titans Report message board

    They're a lot of hypocrites in the world but that guy has to be top 10. As a black dude I've never been keen on carelessly using racism as a reason but he doesn't make it easy....
  12. Maturity.

    RGIII may not be a golden boy but the redskins must be the only franchise that could make Cousins look better than him....
  13. The Ginger Dalton is upset by Watt's Comments

    Andy Dalton is the reason they give out participation trophies and why games will end in hugs instead of handshakes.
  14. Cam and the Panthers gonna beat you, dance on you

    Most importantly were gonna dance on you!