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  1. Streaming TV box

    Been wanting to pull the trigger on one of those. Do you get sky tv?
  2. You Are Paying For Other People's Auto Insurance

    But let's all get mad at Trump because he wants to get rid of the illegal immigrants that drive and cause this. In other words most insurance companies have found a sneaky way to make up for losses incurred by no/or under insured drivers. Shocking...
  3. Ties?

    Should be who can throw a football longer.
  4. Norman could have tore the team apart as well. It took several capt. To control him and his anger on a good day.
  5. WTH's going on on Bald Head Island?

    Can't really disagree with you as well. Both sides have caused this and both resist change.
  6. Good lord....

    The Seahawks might not even make the playoffs this year. The Packers have a handful in the Vikings as well.
  7. We have some new terrible posters to take his place for sure.
  8. TLDR; Please respond in less than two paragraphs or I will expect it submitted in apa style.
  9. Drew Brees..... Team Player

    Saints should have cut Brees two years ago and rebuilt. Now they will go through that anyway and it probably will cost Payton his job.
  10. Using PFF to back up your statement is like using Mel Kipper to do so. Carolina has had a good secondary for a few years while ATL has been about avg. Carolina has ranked higher in points allowed for 3 years over ATL as well as takeaways last year. Also counting your eggs before they hatch this year shows your lack of intelligence.
  11. They're are avg at best and nowhere close to Carolina.
  12. Josh can talk now because everyone is 0-0.
  13. Should Dex be banned?

    Waterboarding, lots of waterboarding.
  14. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    Would not make much sense to cut a vet then bring in another.